4 Under the Radar SEO Tools

Portent Team Jun 30 2011

SEOs love their tools. New tools can provide important new insights, never before possible. (However, we must remember – the tools are only as smart as the user. Tools give you leverage – you must supply the motion.)

Here are 4 under the radar SEO tools I learned about at SMX:


What it is: Chartbeat is real-time analytics for your website. Rather than viewing delayed aggregate pageviews, Chartbeat lets you analyze behavior of individual users in real-time.
Why You Should Use It: Google Analytics was great when everything was a pageview. Now that the web has grown to be social and real-time, you need a new generation of analytics to match. Warning: VERY ADDICTIVE.
What It Looks Like:
Chartbeat - real time web analytics
How Much It Costs: 30-Day Free Trial. Subscriptions start at $9.95/month.
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Hat Tip: Danny Sullivan


What it is: Soovle is Google Suggest on steroids – you can use Soovle to get the suggested search terms for any phrase from Google, Amazon.com, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Answers.com, and Wikipedia.
Why You Should Use It: Do keyword research even faster and get more ideas.
What It Looks Like:
Soovle - all the web suggest tools in one place
How Much It Costs: Free!
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Hat Tip: Christine Churchill

WhiteSpark Citation Finder

What it is: WhiteSpark Citation Finder finds you citation and directory listing opportunities. Rather than simply listing the big 5 directories everyone knows about, Whitespark Citation Finder goes deeper and finds citation opportunities you’ve never dreamed of.
Why You Should Use It: Local search optimization is about optimizing places and citations, not just websites. With this tool, you can find citations more efficiently then you ever could before.
What It Looks Like:
Local Citation Finder
How Much It Costs: Free!
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Hat Tip: Matt McGee


What it is: Tout lets you send emails en mass from templates. The app also gives you email analytics – so you can see who opened and who took action on your emails.
Why You Should Use It: Tout was built to scale press outreach and sales emails, so it’s perfect for industrial-strength link building. You can also see which of your outreach templates have the most effective message.
What It Looks Like:
Tout - email like a boss
How Much It Costs: Plans range from $12/month for 1 user to $99/month for your whole team.
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Hat Tip: Justin Briggs

What are your favorite SEO Tools?

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