How to Add Multiple Administrators to Google Plus Pages

In late December, Google announced the ability to delegate up to 50 named managers as administrators for a Google+ page, yet Google forgot to tell us one little secret. How the hell do you grant admin access to multiple users?

If you’ve already created your Google+ page, use this simple tutorial to help others join your team.

Add a Google+ Page Admin in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Log into Your Google+ Profile

Manage Google+ Pages

Click on the page link under your profile name. This will open a dropdown list of pages you operate, including your personal profile. From here, click Manage Your Pages.

As a side note, I’ve been looking at blog posts about this for more than a month. Everyone that claims to have a ‘walkthrough’ for assigning multiple admins says you should visit your Google+ business page and click the Settings button shown below.

Old Google+

This example is from Paul Chaney at Practical Ecommerce. While I thought it was a great blog post and I don’t know if Google removed this button in their latest update, but I’ve physically pulled out chunks of my hair trying to find this link. To help you avoid a prescription to Rogaine, I suggest just using the Manage Your Pages button.

Step 2: Click “Settings” on the Desired Page

Google+ Page Settings

The Your Pages section holds all the pages you’ve created or have access to. The Manage button allows you to change any images or text on the page. On the other hand, the Settings button will take you to the general settings page, which gives you the ability to add/delete administrators, comments or page notifications. It also controls how images get tagged or where Google should send notification emails.

Step 3: Click “Managers”

Google+ Managers

The Managers page will show all the page owners and managers. This page will also allow you to handoff the page ownership to another manager.

Step 4: Add Managers by Email

Add a Google+ Manager by Email

To add a new manager, you must enter the email address connected to the future manager’s Google+ account. After you click the Invite button, the new manager will receive an email and will have instant access to make any changes to the profile.

My Takeaways

Before the ability to add more than one administrator, a Google+ page would be permanently tied to a personal account, which was the major obstacle preventing internet marketing agencies like Portent from building Google+ pages for clients.

It’s mind boggling that the ability to assign multiple administrators wasn’t an original feature when Google+ originally launched pages, but now that we have this ability, you can expect a significant increase in Google+ pages for businesses who rely on agency marketing.

If you have any questions about my tutorial or if you just want to chat, hit us up on the Portent Google+ Page.

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