Why Aren't More People Talking About Google+ Direct Connect?

When I brought up Google+ Direct Connect with Ian, he already knew that Google+ will build your search traffic, but when it came to authenticating a Google+ page, he didn’t really know what I was talking about.

In a nutshell, Google+ Direct Connect allows users the ability to discover a Google+ page by adding the ‘+’ operator during a Google search query. If you search ‘+pepsi’ or ‘+youtube,’ Google will take you directly to that Google+ page.

Pepsi Google+ page with verified image

See that checkmark? Google+ Direct Connect also verifies the legitimacy of your page. By requiring all participants in the network to link from their website to their Google+ page and link from their Google+ page to their website, Google+ can weed out the genuine brands, companies or cultural entities from the imposters.

Even Ian Lurie’s Google+ profile has one of those nifty checkmarks.

I love this idea because it solves the issue of page squatters. Seriously, those people suck. Theoretically, if hundreds of sucky people try to impose their suckiness by creating hundreds of different Portent Google+ pages, Google could verify us because we’re the only one linking back and forth from Portent.com.

Qualifying for Google+ Direct Connect

Google determines a page’s eligibility algorithmically through some of these signals:

The most popular place to add a link is on the “About” tab on your Google+ page.

Portent Google+ Page About Tab

Also, see the detailed instructions to help your Google+ Page qualify for Google+ Direct Connect.

But Google+ Direct Connect Still Doesn’t Work For Me

Like many websites, Portent should qualify for Google+ Direct Connect, but still doesn’t feel the love. Unfortunately, we’re not alone. Google+ Direct Connect still doesn’t recognize many of the other search marketing companies in the industry.

Try searching ‘+SEOmoz’ ‘+Distilled’ or ‘+SlingShotSEO’ – you don’t get the Google+ page as the most relevant result.

However, in a Search Engine Land report (btw, +SearchEngineLand is on the Google+ Direct Connect network), Danny Sullivan reports that Google+ pages like Amazon and Save the Children do not have Google+ icons linking back to their page or the rel=publisher code installed on their site.

Google says, “We’re still experimenting with Google+ Direct Connect and it won’t work for every Google+ page.”

It goes to show that Google+ is still a work in progress. I don’t know if we’ve yet to hit the Google+ “threshold of significance” or if we’re just sitting in social media purgatory, but I’m hoping for the best by recommending to all my clients to qualify for Google+ Direct Connect. It might not show any immediate results now, but from the way things sound, the direct connect network should have a profound impact on your site’s overall visibility and reputation management.

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  1. Based on your post, it looks like people aren’t talking about this feature because it doesn’t work. Maybe if Google can put it all together it’ll get some pickup.

    1. I don’t feel like Google+ Direct Connect doesn’t work because Ian was able to verify his profile with Conversation Marketing. I totally agree with your point that Google needs to start verifying more pages. Hopefully, more blog posts like this will pressure Google to speed up the process or give us further insight into their decision making.

    2. Agree with Tommy.
      Even worse is there are no options to connect to google sites, and being its a google product, you would think…. they should give you a guide as to where exactly you should add the code especially on google sites since it doesn’t allow javascripts. I have tried to link my website but I can’t figure out where to add the code snippet in google sites. SO Google, give us a break and show us the way instead of just stating what to do next! Oh and yes my account has been verified but can’t link to website yet!

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