LinkedIn Search May Need Some Help

Ian Lurie Dec 27 2012

I love LinkedIn, but either someone’s playing a joke on me, or my kids are getting to have a say in their rankings, or something’s really wrong. I currently rank number one for the word ‘pest’:

For ‘internet marketing,’ on the other hand, I’m not even in the top 10.

My daughter just said, when shown the evidence, “Well, actually, it’s pretty obvious.”



  1. Chris


    I figured it out….=)

    Checked out my own search for pest your number 4 xD with my closer connections that mention pest on their page being ranked above you, along with a guy who has the word mentioned 70 times.

    I did an experiment and typed in an uncommon search phrase that is on my own profile into search: “creative outside” and I came up number 1, with my closest connections behind me.

    If i check off 3rd+ everyone else, I do not show up, and incidentally, you do not show up for pest =P

    So, it seems that if you have an uncommon phrase or word in your profile, and you search that word, you will come up first for that search result, with the next results being the next closest connections you have…unless you search outside of 1st and 2nd connections…

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