Social media politics: Portent goes primetime on KOMO 4 News

Ian Lurie Oct 5 2012

For folks who wanted to see a video of my KOMO 4 Primetime appearance:

You can’t even tell that, as the camera came on, I was whispering “don’t say um or like don’t say um or like don’t say um or like.”

You can see our report on the topic in this blog post.

And a huge shoutout to KOMO for giving us the video!!!

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  1. I’d imagine being a pundit on the local news is like a big boost to the offline version of SEO, whatever that is.

    You clean up good! Nice commentary, Ian.

  2. Very, very smooth Ian – nice going.

  3. Jason


    Great job Ian!

  4. Scott


    Smooooooth. Nice, Ian!

  5. Seriously … You rocked that interview, Ian. I loved the sheer intelligence of your responses and the research you did to support those responses.

  6. Good job, Ian. I’ve worked with local politicians extensively, and your comment about marketing and expanding their brands is right on.

  7. Andy


    Lets see if this post disappears in the wastelands as my last post on your blog after hitting the submit button.

    In the beginning you said that Obama is doing better due to the amount of followers, but its not about the followers, as you can buy them, its about the responsiveness of the crowd.

    To which extent was this interview actually scripted or are all questions and answers spontaneous?

    • Sorry if I missed a comment. Our spam filter is overly-conscientious.

      If you listen to the whole interview, I point out that response and GROWTH RATE, not sheer number of followers, is what really matters. It’s also only a 3-minute interview. I suggest you take a look at the slide deck at if you want to get the whole story.

      I’d had some prep for the interview, but half the questions were completely spontaneous. The other half were a bit rehearsed, but not as much as I would have liked.

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