QR Codes: A Social Experiment at SMX

Michael Wiegand Jun 23 2011

A few weeks ago at SMX, I wanted to try something. I was too busy to order business cards in the weeks leading up to the conference. And in lieu of taking generic company cards to the show, I figured I’d make a QR code for folks to scan.
Will people scan this QR Code?

QR Code Destination

At a conference chock full of smartphones, at least half the people there would have the capability to scan it. I’d link it to a bit.ly bundle with a link to my Twitter profile, and some links to various things I’ve written on blogs:

QR Codes

My new business card.

When schmoozing at these types of events, I’m a quality-over-quantity guy anyway. What surprised me is not only how many people scanned it – out of the folks I met – but how many people actually took a minute to download an application to scan it. Out of the people I connected with at the show, 66% of them scanned my QR code. 40% of the folks who scanned it had an app ready, but a remarkable 60% actually downloaded an app on their iPhone or Droid device to┬áscan it.

QR Code Results

So what’s the takeaway here? QR codes may not take the world by storm, but there’s enough of a novelty factor there to make them a useful way to connect with people. Picked up a fair amount of chatter when I talked about QR codes on the #SMX hashtag during the show:

Not only will the bit.ly bundle be there for future reference on their phones, but the process of downloading the app will trigger their memory:

The nice piece about using the bit.ly bundle too is that I can swap the content out and re-use the QR code at the next conference!

Create Your Own Bit.ly Bundle and QR Code

So how did I create my QR code? Bit.ly did it for me, really.

To create the bundle, start with a series of links you want to shorten and click “Bundle”:


When the bundle is created, tailor it with a nice title and description – not like this one:


Back out at the bit.ly dashboard, click on the “Info Page+” for the new bundle you’ve created:


On the ensuing page, you’ll get a thumbnail link to your shiny new QR code. Print it out, trim it down to size and slip it in the back of your next conference badge.

bit.ly QR Code

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