SEO and Social Media: Huzzah Seminar Video

Ian Lurie Jul 26 2010

I taught part of another Huzzah! training today. The topic: SEO and social media. I talked about how to build a real, natural audience in social media, and take advantage of that in your link building and content efforts.
I recorded the whole thing. Huge sound problems again – I’m cursed, apparently, at Wappow’s offices. But it won’t make your ears bleed:

Oh, plus I throw down against Bruce Clay in the video. Cough.


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  1. Thanks guys for the videos. Especially the one about canonicalization (I hope I spelled it right).
    I’m learning a lot of things and implementing your suggestions.
    I read an article that talked about how we should use the bold function on key words. That search engines like bolded key words.
    Do you think that’s true? Is it worth the effort to bold key words?

  2. Ian


    @Ramiro I wouldn’t bold key words in an attempt to improve rankings. It’s far too small a signal. If bolding the phrase naturally makes sense, then chances are you’ll rank better regardless, because your page is relevant. If bolding the phrase doesn’t make sense, then bolding it won’t help.

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