We’ve got High Tweets – We got High Tweets

Portent Staff Jun 2 2009

Try singing the title to High Hopes and you’ll understand…

Everywhere you turn, Twitter.

Every move you make, Twitter!

Every breath you take, Twitter!

Twitter Twitter Twitter!

It’s not just you. It’s not just young, social-media addicts or those pesky internet marketing geeks (Wait, we’re Internet marketing geeks, really good ones!).

Oprah’s doing it.

Ashton’s doing it.

Heck, my fifty-five-year-old father is doing it, without protection!

There’s only one problem. You bore us.

Stop using Twitter to announce that you’re drinking coffee. Well, it’s okay if your coffee beans come out of a Peruvian dingo’s behind while eco-friendly non-migrant fair-trade coffee farm owners separate the beans and charge you $112 a pound. Now that’s worth Twittering.

But that’s okay, because now, thanks to the power of Portent Interactive, you can be…interesting.


High Tweets

Now you too can keep your finger on the very pulse of pop culture and Internet news. Keep abreast of the latest buzz and tweet messages which prove you are in the know. It’s all at the speed of light…minus only five miniscule minutes.

Introducing High Tweets, the new, bold and flavorful way to analyze exciting Twitter trends.

How High Tweets Works

Every five minutes, it grabs the latest trending topics from the Twitter Search API and stores the results in a database.

What High Tweets Shows

Susan Boyle, Eminem, Barack Obama, George Michael, MTV, Twitter, Jay Leno, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Twitter, 4G Double Speed Wireless Router, Twitter…

If it’s on the minds of most Twitterers it’s on
High Tweets. I just wish George Michael was still popular.

What High Tweets Looks Like

High Tweets look like a tag cloud. The more often people tweet something the bigger it gets.

hightweets 1.gif

High Tweets also shows velocity.

The topics that are trending the fastest come first in this list.


With High Tweets and a quality search engine link Bing you can become instantly more cool than Dad and his pathetic tweets about drinking coffee at 9 AM.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go, why don’t you. Try High Tweets here!

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