Twitter shows up in Google SERPs again

Ian Lurie Feb 4 2012

Important update: Man, did I get this one wrong. Andy Beard correctly points out that this result showed up because I follow Lucky on Google+, and they have a link to their Twitter profile in their Google+ profile. The result only shows up once in a while, and in my Saturday-morning haze it I mistook it. So, my bad. Very bad. Very, very, very bad.

Just saw Twitter start showing up in Google search results pages again, “Plus Your World” style in this search for ‘jeans’. I follow Lucky Brand on Twitter:

Twitter plus your world

Twitter Plus Your World

Could this mean that Google’s loosing up Plus Your World to include other social networks? Stay tuned…

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  1. You didn’t hover over for the relationship information to show

    You follow them on Google+ (as a client that page may even be one you have access to)

    Someone only created the account yesterday, and here is clear proof you are following the account

    If you hover over, bets are it will show Google+ as the relationship for that page.

    It is nothing to do with you following them on Twitter

  2. thanks for leaving this up though, made me smile. So glad it’s not just me that suffers from “weekend haze” !

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