How Do I Get the Right Help with Content? [Infographic]

Augustin Kendall

Connected content is a network of content pieces built around one theme or topic. The kernel of this concept is writing an article and promoting it on social, but connected content goes beyond that. Types of content might include infographics, landing pages, articles, blog posts, social posts, ebooks, and so on. The purpose of connected content is to unite your goals, your services, and your audiences around a single theme and create multiple paths to a central message.

Let’s say you sell chocolate. You also happen to know all there is to know about making superb chocolate. A short-lived blog post or three won’t leave a lasting impression. An in-depth guide to taste profiles of cacao from different parts of the world will, especially when this guide links out to detailed information about how the best chocolate brands use cacao beans from those regions, which link to product pages on your site.

Sometimes you need to invest in a full-blown content strategy, sometimes not. Use this infographic to figure out if you’re ready for connected content.

Augustin Kendall

Augustin is an editor and content strategist who has specialized in digital marketing since 2009. Throughout his freelance and agency career, Augustin has worked with large and small companies to help them tell the stories that matter most to their audiences.

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