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Conversion Rate Optimization should be about helping customers make informed choices - Puppet on a string being manipulated User Experience

11 Sep, 2018

Empowerment Vs. Manipulation: A Rant

By Tim Mehta

There’s been a heated argument happening between UX and CRO. One side believes in equipping the user to make the best decisions for their specific needs. The other side, while generally well-intentioned, has a sub-group of professionals who believe in using tricks to get users to convert. Let’s break down both of these… Manipulation: Using… Read More

How procedural knowledge affects user experience by causing cognitive friction - man frustrated lying on his computer User Experience

29 Aug, 2018

Procedural Knowledge and How it Affects User Experience

By Travis McKnight

Innovation is a dangerous word in marketing lingo. Someone recently told me, “Let’s create an innovative design that goes beyond what people expect and surprises them.” I hesitated and asked, “Why?” The answer this person gave is one that I’ve heard countless times while talking about user experience, web design, and user journeys. They wanted… Read More

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Fundamental UX Principles User Experience

30 Apr, 2018

9 Fundamental UX Principles That Will Boost Your Conversions

By Tim Mehta

Have you ever gotten mad at a website because you couldn’t get to where you wanted to go? What did you do? You probably left, never to return. Now flip the script. You’re in charge of improving the UX (User Experience) of your company’s website. You are amped. You have been burned too many times… Read More

User Experience

30 Oct, 2017

Code Coverage Analysis for Better Page Speed

By Ian Lurie

My team wrote a complete guide to page speed. You can find it here. It’s aggravating. You smushed the images. You smashed the files. Your site’s still getting a lousy page speed score. You shake your fist at the internet gods and scream “Why!?!! WHY DO YOU MOCK ME?! Why?!!” Your problem might be “dead… Read More

Isis the Cat User Experience

4 Oct, 2016

My Cat’s Name is Isis

By Ian Lurie

Yes, there’s a marketing lesson here. But when I tried to write “How Digital Marketing is Like Naming My Cat Isis” I almost punched myself in the throat. I have two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. One of my cats, an insane, overweight Siamese, is named Isis. Yes. Isis. She was so named… Read More

Lessons in Marketing and User Experience - Portent User Experience

24 Feb, 2016

What My Failed Yard Sale Taught Me About Marketing

By George Freitag

I’m a big fan of yard sales. Mostly because I’m a big fan of stuff; especially cheap stuff that barely works. But, as you can imagine, one of the consequences of being a fan of stuff is actually acquiring a lot of stuff so one day, after rummaging in my basement for an hour to… Read More

content hub User Experience

2 Sep, 2015

Your blog is boring. Upgrade to a content hub

By Chris Lakin

Let me start with a disclaimer. If you haven’t started blogging, get a plan together and start. Don’t write just for the sake of writing, but create a strategy around what you’ll write about and then actually do it. Publishing content on a regular basis benefits search engine visibility and audience building. If you are… Read More

Poof, you're searching User Experience

28 Aug, 2015

Pure Bragging: Two Cool New Portent Thingamabobs

By Ian Lurie

Note: Right now I’m bragging, but Blake has promised he’ll soon write a post about how he actually did this stuff. So you might want to subscribe to the blog using that form on the right over there. See what I just did? Marketing!!! Our resident all-things-user-experience nerd just developed two new site feature/thingamabobs (that’s… Read More

Meetup at Portent - How conflict is key to creating great user experience Copywriting

2 Jul, 2015

How Conflict Is Key To Creating Great User Experiences

By Misty Weaver

Mr. Fisher Goes to Washington Steve Fisher, co-organizer Design & Content Conference recently visited Portent’s office in Seattle (Washington) to exchange brilliant ideas, but also to tell us some horror stories. For example: What do zombies have to do with content and design? Clearly, a lot. We Content Strategists are officially outpaced and outnumbered. So… Read More