Lucky Brand Jeans is an American denim fashion manufacturer headquartered in Vernon, California. Founded in 1990, Lucky faces stiff competition in the denim field from industry giants like Levi’s, the Gap, Wrangler and American Eagle (to name a few).

Consequently, Lucky must 1.) convey a unique, creative, and consistent brand message through quality content, and 2.) rank for search terms reflecting the latest fashion trends.

Engagement Goal

As “skinny jeans” became the go-to denim style of fashionable teens, it became of paramount importance for Lucky to rank for that term.

Lucky Brand hired Portent to create a strategy that would point traffic on the term “skinny jeans” from a low ranking minor product page to a higher ranking category page.

Lucky Brand in Google Search Results

Results at a Glance

  • 175% year over year increase in sales from non-branded organic traffic
  • Improved user experience – with the category page ranking rather than the product page, users are presented with a variety of skinny jeans options.


In order to achieve Lucky Brand’s goals of a better ranking for key term “skinny jeans,” Portent developed a content strategy aimed at moving the ranking page for that term from a mid-30 search engine results product page (SERP) to a #16 category page. The tactics employed included:

  • Copiously guest posting on a variety of high authority domains, linking off the term “skinny jeans” to the category page
  • Managing a blogger outreach program in which fashion bloggers reviewed the latest from Lucky Brand, linking to the brand’s site in a contextually relevant and authentic manner.


With Portent’s content strategy and execution, Lucky Brand Jeans was able to translate a trending style phrase into a revenue generator.

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