Brand Voice Leads to Better Content for Seller Labs


Seller Labs needed to develop the brand beyond their first product, for which they were known, and get a clearer sense of their audience’s priorities and opinions of their brand. They had created basic personas, but had not validated those personas or taken steps to use that knowledge in their content. Portent produced two qualitative audience surveys and conducted a brand messaging workshop with stakeholders from Seller Labs.

Client Goals

  • Limited knowledge of audience
  • Needed to validate personas
  • Needed brand voice and messaging structure
  • Become known for the brand, not one product

Portent Answers

  • Segmented user surveys via site and email
  • Brand messaging workshop and voice guide
  • Consultation on site consolidation/redesign


  • Data from different audience segments on brand perception and user priorities
  • Voice and tone guide for internal team to use across all content
  • Framework for messaging around three brand pillars
  • Design choices informed by customer awareness