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SEO pagination tunnels and click depth visual exploration Featured

9 Jan, 2018

How Site Pagination and Click Depth Affect SEO – An Experiment

By Matthew Henry

We’ve all seen pagination links — those little numbered links at the top and bottom of multi-page content. They are used on blogs, e-commerce sites, webcomics, gallery pages, SERPs, and multi-page articles.   From the human visitor’s point of view, pagination is pretty simple. If you are on page one, and you want to see… Read More

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24 Aug, 2003

Keep It Simple

By Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie - 8.24.03
Designing for everyone can be painful - if your monitor can display 1200 pixels across, why not design a site that fills it? Here's why...  

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1 Aug, 2003

Arnold for Guv: A perfect example of accidental spam

By Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie - 08.23.03
Spam is hard to define, but it's easy to create. Even by accident. See how some Arnold Schwarzenegger supporters took an easy e-mail campaign right over the border into spamville.

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