Click Tracking Web Analytics: Internet Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Click Tracking Web Analytics

Know where your Internet customers click.

In brick-and-mortar retail, product and aisle placement is critical. Store owners spend hours observing how customers move through aisles of products, then rearrange displays to best present their wares.

The same is true for your web site. But traditional web analytics doesn’t provide all of the information. Click Tracking fills that gap by providing a visual map of click patterns and customer conversion. Now you can see what draws interest and customers in an intuitive, visual report:

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Click Tracking provides a visual map of where your customers click.
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Click Tracking is a web analytics service that gives organizations a rare user’s-eye view of exactly where people click on a specific web page, and which of those clicks convert into leads or customers.

Flexible, Adaptible Web Analytics

Click Tracking offers a different look at web site performance. With it, you can:

  • Know precisely which areas of the page generate clicks and sales or leads.
  • Determine ‘dark’ areas of the page, where visitors click on unlinked images or other unlinked items.
  • Learn which parts of large image or image map collect the most clicks.
  • Know whether essential calls to action are getting the attention they deserve.

It anonymously maps click locations for all users that visit a tracked web page.


Click Tracking is an invaluable addition to any web analytics strategy:

Click Tracking is not meant to replace traditional web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. It offers a critical connection between the numbers and graphs you see in a standard analytics report.

  • It does not require any software on the end-user’s computer. Click Tracking anonymously measures and stores click locations using JavaScript.
  • It tracks nearly all web page visitors, for the best possible statistical sample.
  • It is a hosted solution and has negligible impact on the tracked web site’s performance.
  • Click Tracking currently supports common web development platforms: ASP, ASP .NET, ColdFusion, JSP and PHP.
  • Reports are real-time and client accessible.

Not just a tool

Click Tracking is a web analytics service, not just a tool. Portent will work with you to insure you get real, usable results and analysis.

  • Integration is handled by Portent. Your staff won’t have to handle the installation.
  • All Click Tracking packages include analysis and recommendations by Portent staff. With Click Tracking, you don’t just get raw data – we help you use that data to make informed decisions about your online marketing efforts.

Portent offers three levels of Click Tracking pricing:

$1000/month to track 1-10 pages
$2000/month to track 10-100 pages
$3000/month to track 100-200 pages
$7500/month for unlimited pages

To get started, please contact Portent at: [email protected]