Last reported

% Over Time

Numbers for this chart will change as we finish collecting data.

10/15 Update

We're using a far larger dataset now: 110,000+ tweets. We're also using Google's Prediction API for more accurate classification. However, that slows us down a bit, so numbers will update over time.

What's Neutral?

'Neutral' is for any tweets that talk about the shutdown but don't attempt to assign blame.

Who Did It?

Portent! An internet marketing agency and technology company in Seattle, WA.

How We Do It

We collect tweets using Topsy, then use machine learning (Bayesian class-ification, if you must know) to figure out if the tweet is referring to the Democrats or Republicans in the context of the shutdown.

The Code

Data from Topsy. Analysis tools built using Python and TextBlob. Pretty graph built using TufteGraph.js.

Hold on...

Sometimes, the tweet counts for one party or the other may get smaller. The algorithm 'learns' over time. That may mean it adjusts some numbers downward.