Many businesses have been rescued from PPC confusion by this book. Get the info you need to manage your small business PPC campaign. Stay in front of the competition by finding out how to fix PPC problems permanently. These eBooks take the complex philosophy behind target advertising and lay it out in a simple manner to help you optimize your PPC efforts and get better results.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Expanding your account
  • Advertising on the content (display) network
  • AdWords tools and features
  • Now what?


Already got your PPC campaign set up and just need to troubleshoot it? Get this second easy-to-follow guide for $23. If you need help getting started, try both volumes bundled for $37. And if you decide the books aren’t for you, return them for a full refund.

About the Author

Elizabeth Marsten is the Director of Search Marketing at Portent, an internet marketing company based in Seattle, Washington where she oversees the paid search, organic search, link building, social media and copywriting teams. She is known for her direct, easy–to–follow writing style and penned the PPC section in the compilation, “All–in–One Internet Marketing Guide for Dummies” from Wiley Publishing.

She is well versed in various paid search platforms in both traditional venues (such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads) and newer social media venues (such as Facebook).

Need Proof?

"I think these eBooks do a great job of walking small business PPC advertisers through the process of creating a PPC campaign to managing it on an ongoing basis, but for $37 and a minimal time investment, all you really need to get out of the book is one actionable tip to have it pay for itself many times over."
Tom Demers, Measured SEM

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