Software Developer

Apr 24 2018

Job Posting Title:

Software Developer

Job Description:

We’re looking for an experienced developer who lives and breathes object-oriented design and architecture.  To us that means a person that has the Gang of Four book on their bedside table, knows the name that everyone calls Robert C. Martin by, explored ideas such as DDD, and built and refactored systems to improve their maintainability and profitability.

Our backend code is primarily written in PHP, so while familiarity with Ruby, Python, Go, Java, or other backend languages is valuable, our bread and butter is in modern, Object-Oriented PHP.  At least some familiarity with a modern framework (preferably in PHP) is required.  The person we’re looking for should be willing to step in and help improve the design of an existing codebase and help guide the construction of new codebases (language is flexible) according to industry and community best practices.

We’re looking for someone with mature, well-formed opinions about modern coding processes and practices. Someone who cares deeply about doing amazing work. Someone who is confident in their skills, but experienced enough to know that they still have a ton to learn.

This position is especially suited for someone who’s been developing long enough to develop a mature understanding of how to relate to clients, and with a diverse set of skills. It’s OK if you don’t have every line of a framework’s source code memorized–we’d prefer you know a little bit of everything, and it’s more important that you know how to approach your tasks well and learn new skills quickly. We’re looking for a good person. Someone with humility, integrity, a good sense of humor, and a grown-up’s sense of what matters in life.

Must Haves:

  • Solid understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Considerable experience with an OO language.
  • Familiarity with a modern Framework
  • Basic server administration experience
  • Love for clean, standards-compliant, well-tested, well patterned, code
  • Passion for software development, learning, and growing your craft
  • Experience interacting maturely with teammates


  • 3+ years in a professional development capacity
  • Experience or desire to learn about data analytics and machine learning
  • Familiarity with TDD & xUnit (PHPUnit)
  • Familiarity with continuous integration
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs and or GraphQL
  • Experience with modern front-end frameworks such as Ember, Angular, VueJS, Backbone, etc
  • Experience with Vagrant, Docker, Continuous Delivery/Deployment, Linux admin, and server configuration
  • Familiarity with Laravel, Symfony, or Zend

About Clearlink:  

Clearlink’s team of 1,700+ employees is headquartered in Salt Lake City and has been creating marketing content services for Fortune 500 companies for over 13 years. At Clearlink you will have opportunities to work with people who are as passionate as they are talented, develop yourself and your skills, and create valuable content and relationships every day. We also like to reward our employees:

  • Up to 100% healthcare for your entire family
  • Over two weeks paid time off
  • Paid ski days, wellness activities, and team outings
  • Fully-stocked break room and gourmet coffee
  • Award-winning wellness program with free health coaching
  • All-expense paid vacations for top employees