Multivariate and Split Testing

Multivariate and Split Testing

Portent helps clients increase sales, leads and conversion rates. But how do we pick the best landing page? It’s not magic. We use multivariate and split testing.

Multivariate Testing

With multivariate testing, we can mix many headlines, images and copy versions into different combinations, until we find the best one. It works like this:

multivariate testing matrix

We want to test 5 headlines, 3 images, 2 versions of the body copy, and 3 different calls to action. That’s 90 combinations.

By using a multivariate testing tool, we can automatically test all of these ‘recipes’, and find the best one:

Google Website Optimizer

In the example above, each combination is a recipe built from our headline, copy and image options. As the test goes on, we can narrow the number of choices or add new ones.

Split Testing

A/B or ‘split’ testing pits only two options against each other. For example, we might create a new version of a landing page and test it against the old version.

If you’ve only got a few choices, or less time, or a very small audience, split testing might be the better option. We’ll help you decide.

Our Tools

Portent uses two multivariate testing tools: Google Website Optimizer and Widemile’s testing suite. For split testing, we use Google Website Optimizer.

The Results

Portent’s multivariate testing helped Kindermusik grow their lead generation campaign to record highs. Our split testing helped momAgenda launch their product line with an 8:1 ROI.

We can do the same for you. Contact us today.