Search Engine Optimization: SEO Analytics

Is it working? Most organizations measure search engine optimization campaigns one way: Ranking. But there’s a lot more to accurately tracking SEO success.

A successful SEO campaign will deliver traffic from a wide range of keywords, including terms and phrases you didn’t expect.

There’s more to SEO than rankings. You need to measure the success of your SEO campaign from every angle: Ranking, non-branded search traffic, and percentage of traffic from search engines are all metrics worth watching.

Portent can help you track more than just rankings – we’ll help you see if SEO is helping your business succeed.

It’s easy to get caught up in your rankings. If you get a #1 rank for a keyword or phrase you chose, then your search engine optimization campaign is a success, right? Not necessarily.

What really matters is whether your SEO campaign is helping to grow your business.

At Portent, we track several SEO metrics on every campaign:

  • Non-branded traffic: How much traffic are you receiving from terms that don’t include your company name? This is the truest measure of search engine optimization success. Even the most effective keyword mining will miss traffic generating terms. By measuring non-branded search traffic, we learn more about how your audience looks for you, and can further refine your campaign.
  • Percentage of traffic: A successful SEO campaign should increase the percentage of traffic to your site from major search engines. Because search marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and PR, a higher percentage of search engine traffic means you’re lowering your effective cost-per-visit.
  • Conversion: If relevant, we measure how many visitors that come to your site from search engines take a desired action on your site. Desired actions may include making a purchase, completing a registration form, or downloading a file. Regardless, this is the ultimate arbiter of success.
  • Ranking: Yes, ranking still matters. We track how you’re doing on the major search engines (usually Google, Yahoo and MSN). And we’ll provide you with regular reports.

We paint a more complete picture of your search engine campaign’s progress, so that you can judge your return for yourself.

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