Ring The Cash Register With Amazon Advertising

84% revenue growth. 37% reduction in cost of sale.

This isn’t a marketing fairy tale. It’s what happens when Portent manages your Amazon Advertising campaigns.

Amazon Seller? Sponsored Product Ads Required

If you sell on Amazon, you must use Sponsored Product Ads. It’s a simple, pay-per-click channel that can:

  • Open up the Amazon marketplace for your newest products
  • Jump-start an entire Amazon business on a budget
  • Build sales velocity essential to unpaid Amazon rankings
  • Generate revenue at a rock-bottom ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale)

You can’t ignore Sponsored Product Ads and stay competitive. We can help you get started, optimize campaigns, and sustainably grow revenue.

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Ad Formats

We work with all Amazon ad formats, including:

  • Product display ads
  • Sponsored product ads
  • Headline ads
  • Kindle Special Offers
  • Network advertising

What We Do

Portent’s Amazon Advertising experts will turn your campaign into a revenue-generating machine. We:

  • Create a long-term strategy that takes into account your entire Amazon presence and goals
  • Audit existing accounts to improve efficiency and scalability
  • Perform keyword research geared for Amazon’s shopping engine and customers
  • Optimize for lower ACoS
  • Test creative, where relevant
  • Recommend profitable ad formats and campaigns
  • Drive measurable results

It’s OK. Roll your eyes. Everyone promises “measurable results.”

We can prove it.

Proof: The Data

For a national vitamins and supplements seller, Portent grew revenue from Sponsored Product Ads 84%:

A national vitamins and supplements seller saw 84% revenue growth in 3 months of management.

Portent reduced the ACoS for a household goods retailer by 37%:

Working with Portent, a household goods retailer reduced their cost per conversion on Amazon 37%

Proof: The Experience

Ignore the results if you like. But we’ve built and managed paid search campaigns for small and large businesses since 2000. From Adwords to Amazon, for small business and large, we create and optimize paid campaigns that convert.

If we weren’t great at it, we wouldn’t be here.

Drop us a line. We can help.

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