Local Analytics

Know where your customers are.

Hyper-local: Customer conversion versus location

See where customers converted compared to your physical location

Close the loop between desktop, mobile and offline behavior.

If you’re a retailer, a publisher or a retail chain, you need to know where your potential customers are down to the city block. Portent’s hyper-local analytics can tell you just that. You can:

  1. Measure mobile site performance by location
  2. Target digital and traditional advertising by neighborhood
  3. Fill geographic services gaps
  4. Measure local store performance
  5. Compare digital promotions to local sales
  6. Examine mobile behavior and its effect on revenue

Our local analytics solution layers Google Analytics, our own configuration and Mapline’s data visualization software to show customer behavior by location:

Google Analytics location data for conversions and visits

View location data for conversions and visits

By combining deep Google Analytics location data and configuration with mapping, we create rich visualizations and analysis showing:

  1. Customer location when they visit your site, complete a form or otherwise convert
  2. Customer location when they ‘click to call’ using a mobile device
  3. Reader location when they click an ad in your publication
  4. Reader location when they subscribe to a publication
  5. With data you provide, internet marketing revenue by physical location

Start measuring online and offline behavior, together.

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