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Analytics Solutions

Portent’s Google Analytics offerings are all about keeping our clients – consulting clients or retainer clients – on the bleeding edge of tracking trends.

Google Tag Manager

Implementing tracking, historically, has been a real pain for everybody involved. Especially for time-strapped IT & development resources.

Tag management is where the industry is headed. The idea is we hand your developer one piece of JavaScript, then you – as a marketer – can control all your tracking tags, now and in the future, from an easy-to-use web interface.

Universal Analytics

Google Analytics used to be centered on session tracking. That means any time your site visitors cleared their cookies, changed devices or just hadn’t been back in a while, you’d lose all their referral information.

That creates real attribution problems measuring the ROI of your top-funnel marketing efforts.

With Universal Analytics, Google is centering on the user instead of the session. We can help you build a 1:1 relationship between a visitor in your analytics and a lead in your CMS.

Opportunity Gap Analysis

As soon as we get access to your Google Analytics, we key in on actionable pieces of analysis with clear takeaways.

Pay for our analysis and we’ll call out:

  • Where you need to spend more or less money in key paid campaigns
  • Types of content you should be creating to get people moving down the funnel
  • Relationships you should enhance with referral traffic sources
  • Changes you can make to speed up your site

Then we’ll calculate Return on Investment as you take those actions over time.

Hyper-Local Analytics

Connect online and mobile behavior with geographic location and brick-and-mortar revenue. Sound like a fairy tale? It’s not. See how we can do it for you.