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Content is more than the words on your website or a tool to boost SEO. It’s telling your story and contributing value to customers with consistency, clarity, and care that makes you truly indispensable.

Yet knowing how to communicate that message is hard. From our deeply researched initial audit, we’ll create a roadmap to clarify and align plans, goals and tactics for your organization’s content.

  • Content audit: We’ll review what’s working and what’s not with your content, revealing how to win audience favor while differentiating your brand from competitors.
  • Goal setting: With data in hand, we’ll help you set aggressive but achievable goals that you can attack with impactful, emotionally resonant content, shared with the right audience at the right time.
  • Strategy development: Clear, actionable next steps for creating, sharing and promoting your content.
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Why Portent?

Content marketing isn’t a trend – great content has always been at the root of what inspires readers to action.

But it’s also not about cramming more and more blog posts into an already-crowded internet. Instead, we believe the best content marketing takes a big picture view of your customer, their journey, and your existing content from the moment work begins.

Since 1995 – before the term “content marketing” had even been uttered – we’ve helped businesses tell their story and connect with audiences on the web. While channels and tactics may change, the importance of truly useful content has only grown for both users and search engines. Our data-driven content strategy work has helped our clients generate billions in revenue.

  • We find what makes your brand unique and valuable to your audience, then use that to drive every part of our strategy work.
  • Our focus on the user journey leads to superior content quality and performance.
  • Our team applies a cross-channel approach focused on achieving target ROI.
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Case Studies

See how we’ve applied the art and science of content strategy to grow our clients’ rankings, brand visibility, and customers.

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