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User Experience Design & IA

User Experience has always been at the forefront of good design. Today, User Experience is also influencing search results and proper search optimization, which is why Portent focuses on SEO-related user experience issues for our clients.

To identify any major user experience flaws in your website, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of that site following guidelines developed by an in-house team of industry experts.

The results of this analysis allow us to suggest changes in page design, layout, content formatting, etc., that both appeal to search engines and provide your users with an ideal web experience. The better a visitor’s experience, the more likely they are to convert.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the organization and labeling of information for presentation to users. Books, restaurant menus, maps and more structure their information so that it can be consumed easily and completely.

For websites, information architecture has a strong influence over user behavior and conversion, site performance, and indexing by search engines, which is why a strong information architecture is one of the primary factors in determining rank in search results. Proper site-level and page-level IA provides a framework that can reduce ongoing maintenance time and costs, while giving visitors an optimal experience.

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