Amazon competition is fierce. If you’ve never had an expert review of your listing, it’s time to start. Our team will review your products, and with our knowledge and understanding of the Amazon search algorithm, provide clear and actionable optimization recommendations.

Learn what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it

Don’t have the time or budget to work with an optimization expert on an ongoing basis? Our one-time Product Audit Report is perfect for both DIY sellers looking for directional feedback, or more casual sellers just getting started.

What We Do

Keyword Research

Our team will conduct thorough keyword research and provide a one-time list of prioritized target words and phrases. The research is based on a snapshot of the landscape in your Amazon vertical, and is designed to drive the highest possible rank on the best set of terms right now. This kind of research is core to every service we offer.


One week after project kick-off, we will provide a rewritten product description for your listing based on what we learn from our research. We’ll ensure your titles, descriptions, and product info are all optimized to rank as well as possible based on the current landscape.

Pricing & Delivery

Amazon Product Audit Reports are billed at a one-time fee of $200 per product. For sellers interested in auditing many products, contact our team for pricing.