Small businesses deserve top-notch SEO optimization without having to break the bank. With Portent’s small business team, we’ve helped small business owners with limited time and resources navigate the search rankings for their most important terms.

Start driving valuable traffic from organic search

Our ongoing monthly service is designed to provide you with the high-quality SEO recommendations required to build long term search rankings. Every month, we’ll provide you with insightful recommendations and analysis to help you climb the search rankings. Additionally, a 30-minute phone call will be scheduled every month to review reports and recommendations.

What We Do

Technical Optimization

From title tag and heading optimizations to canonicalization, we’ll dive into technical factors holding your site back.

Link Profile Analysis

Avoid search engine penalties due to low quality backlinks. We’ll help identify those poor quality links and then help clean up your profile.

Content Opportunities

Based on your current website, we’ll outline recommendations for improving existing and creating new content.

Insightful Analysis

Receive a monthly report, showcasing organic traffic acquisition levels and behavior performance. Review month over month statistics to see progress along the way.


Our small business monthly SEO service is billed at $3,000.