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Portent offers expert paid search services across a number of PPC platforms, always managing your campaign to its maximum ROI.

Google Partner

Google AdWords: Portent is an AdWords Certified Company with AdWords Certified Individuals. We know the structure, features, tricks, and tips, inside and out.

Whether you’re looking to increase traffic, generate revenue, or bring in leads, we can navigate through the partner, content, and display networks, remarketing, site links, modify match types, ad scheduling, bid boosting/decreasing, and tie it all into other Google services like Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center.

Bing Partner

Bing Ads: Ads served on and have similar features to Google AdWords, but should not be mistaken for something identical.

There are specific demographic and usability differences in a Google vs. Bing user – Portent can help you market to each accordingly.

In addition to requiring all of our PPC specialists to pass the AdWords Fundamentals and Advanced exams, the Bing Ads Exam, and the Google Analytics IQ Exam, Portent is well versed in other PPC platforms:

Yahoo Search: While still exists, Yahoo’s paid search platform does not. But that’s OK. Portent pros know how to manage, modify, and optimize Yahoo accounts for Bing – as well as how to set up Bing Ads accounts to handle both Yahoo and Bing traffic.

Facebook Ads: Continuing to rise in popularity for its ability to reach people where they live and play, Facebook ads are here to stay. Portent can target your audience, build smarter campaigns for lower CPCs, and craft creative content at the frequency and freshness that is needed for a successful Facebook campaign. Learn more

Twitter Ads: New kid on the ads block, Twitter ads can be used to amplify your brand message, generate leads, or even drive sales. Portent will evaluate your goals, and then develop and execute a strategy to accomplish them.

2nd & 3rd Tier Search Engines

Portent likes to experiment. Consequently, we have set up and optimized accounts across many different search engines and network platforms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn
  • adRoll
  • Reddit
  • Instagram

For more information on how Portent’s PPC services can help your business, contact us today.