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Facebook PPC

Reach your customers where they live and play

Your customers are on Facebook. They’re on Facebook at work; they’re on Facebook at home. Each and every one of them is sharing valuable information about their likes and interests.

Portent’s Facebook PPC experts will find and engage with your ideal audience wherever they are.

Package Features

With month-to-month Facebook management, Portent strategists will setup, test, and evaluate your Facebook PPC account each month:

  • Account Setup: We will guide you through the setup process to ensure access and permissions are properly setup.
  • Custom Audience Creation: Targeted audiences are the bread and butter of any Facebook advertising campaign. Portent targets your ideal customer with creative strategies that beg engagement.

    Whether you’re selling a product or looking to grow your audience, Portent will find the right audience to match your goals. Our team creates the perfect strategy, then painstakingly combs through millions of likes and interests to find you the most relevant audience.

  • Facebook Ads: Once we identify that ideal audience, Portent attracts their attention with eye-catching sponsored stories, promoted posts, and page post ads.
  • Ad Image Treatment: Your customer’s attention is at a premium on Facebook, but you can attract it with engaging ad images. Portent makes sure all images are wisely chosen, properly formatted, and looking their absolute best.

Take It Further – FBX

Harness the power of remarketing on Facebook by targeting users who have visited your site with the Facebook Exchange (FBX). Included in this service:

  • Account Setup: Portent will help you set up all the Admin permissions necessary, as well as advise and assist in placing the necessary tracking pixels.
  • Custom Audience Creation: FBX allows us to build an audience for your Facebook ads from users who visit your site. Portent will separate the most appropriate visitors to put your ads in front of the right eyes.
  • Ad Copy: Creating ads that are relevant to your target while not appearing intrusive can prove a tall order. Portent generates ad copy that engages your audience without making them feel like someone’s watching over their shoulder.
  • Ad Image Treatment: Images aren’t any less important in FBX. Portent experts work with you to post the most relevant images possible, creating a consistent look and feel for your target’s Facebook experience.

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