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Mobile SEO isn’t a unique tactic. It’s still SEO: Visibility, relevance and authority win the day. Mobile is part of your larger SEO and internet marketing strategy. However, Google and Bing have standards that impact your ability to rank in mobile search results. Portent can help you meet those standards.


  • Track mobile search results, so you’re alerted to sudden changes
  • Test sites from 1 to 1 million pages for mobile readiness
  • Create or manage the creation of responsive web sites. Responsive sites adapt to different screen sizes, and offer the most effective long-term mobile marketing option
  • Configure servers, sites and content to deliver the correct signals to search engines
  • Advise development teams regarding mobile SEO
  • Create content that’s mobile-friendly
  • Advise you regarding options for a steady move towards a mobile-friendly site

All as part of a smart overall SEO strategy.

Staying ahead

Mobile search algorithms are in flux. Google and Bing roll out periodic updates that can impact you as you compete for mobile customers. We’ve stayed ahead of those updates for years, not because we have secret agents at the major search engines, but because we apply common sense to the marketplace. We don’t get seduced by market hype and the latest shiny thing. We make reasonable, accurate assessments of where mobile search is going.

Not sure if you should worry or not? Take the test.

It’s about experience

Effective mobile SEO is about the user experience as much as technology. We help you create and evolve a mobile presence that’s makes potential customers happy. That’s the recipe for long-term success.