Portent Social Media Services

Know what you don’t know. Take control of your social program and drive the absolute best results in both paid and organic social for your business. Lifetime of direct social media experience not required.

How do you engage with people who are talking about your organization on social? Learn effective best practices for running a community management program across a variety of social media channels. Get insight into the platforms your brand could be active on. Get a customized social media breakdown on your competition, and recommendations built around where other organizations in your sector are succeeding and failing.

We’re in the golden age for social media analytic tools, and organizations can succeed with any combination of the dozens of services available out there. This training provides customized recommendations around ideal solutions for your business, specifically built around how you work and operate in social. You’ll be taught how these different tools can help you tap into the conversations going on about your organization and within your industry, as well as what you need to be on the lookout for once these tools are up and running.

Before you can determine the ROI of your efforts on social media, you need to understand how to effectively measure metrics within each of the major platforms. This training includes a hands-on tutorial with Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. It also includes a brief introduction to Google Analytics, and how this platform can help effectively measure the overall impact of any social media campaign. This training is ideal for anyone looking to equip themselves with the tools and understanding needed to be able to effectively measure any effort in social media.

Whether you want to add Likes to your Facebook page, advertise a product through the platform, or promote a new video, Facebook’s advertising platform has become a must for social media managers looking to gain an edge against their competition. In this training, learn the backend of Facebook Ad Manager, as well as the different types of ads offered through the platform (and when you should use them). The training includes a basic tutorial on how to construct an ad-set, how to approach and optimize demographic targeting, and how to determine Key Performance Indicators to measure success. We recommend that you be comfortable with social media analytics, or have taken the Social Media Analytics training session.

Is your Twitter channel full of great content, but lacking in significant engagement? Do you have great engagement, but no website traffic coming from the platform? Twitter advertising offers numerous ways for an organization to pay to access and engage key audiences across the platform. From website conversions, to app installations, to simple bolstering of share voice towards your ideal audience, this training will walk you through the targeting you need to understand to efficiently approach any advertising campaign. We recommend that you be comfortable with social media analytics, or have taken the Social Media Analytics training session.

One of the main goals of social media is to connect with your ideal audience online. But, who is that ideal audience? If you’re already doing a good job of engaging your audience, the answer to that question can be culled from your social media platforms. This training guides you in developing personas for your brand through social and helps you understand how to come up with a plan to reach those personas effectively on your social channels.

Making sure you’re approaching your audience correctly is half the battle when it comes to social media. Different channels require specific tone and style – knowing how to pinpoint this approach can be difficult. This training will teach you how to write for your social media channel, with approaches specifically tailored to your industry or specialty. You’ll also receive best practices for each social channel, and how to effectively measure results as you work towards more effectively engaging your followers. A brief competitive analysis will also be provided.

Curating content for your social media pages is a crucial aspect to the growth of your overall digital presence, especially with social networks beginning to favor news-related posts in their reach algorithms. This training will explore how to find the proper balance between owned content production and shared content; how to identify the right kind of non-owned content to share; what kinds of content keep audiences engaged; how to put together a content calendar; and how content can position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.