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Analytics Blog Posts

Michael Wiegand //  23 May, 2018

Set Up A GDPR Cookie Consent Form Using Google Tag Manager

NOTE: This is not legal advice. We are not lawyers. It’s also not the only thing you’ll need to do to reach GDPR compliance for your business. Cookie consent is only one portion of GDPR compliance. Please consult legal counsel before implementing this solution. Another note: This solution works for cookies fired from inside the… Read More

Finding Quick Win Opportunities in Google Analytics Analytics Blog Posts

Michael Wiegand //  15 Nov, 2017

How to Find Quick Win Opportunities in Google Analytics

This is another excerpt from an upcoming e-book on finding actionable, cross-channel opportunities in your data. We use Google Analytics (GA) for this, but you can use any platform. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The tool you use isn’t as important as the discipline of combing through data regularly and finding something… Read More

Do you know your true content competitors? Content Strategy Blog Posts

Cate McGehee //  1 Aug, 2017

Forget keyword rankings, focus on users: What dating apps and dancing contests teach us about competition

The only companies that don’t have any competition are the ones selling something nobody wants. If you have a viable product or service, it’s just a matter of time before someone else starts offering it. And if you think it’s going to come down to whose product or service is better, think again. Core products… Read More

Content KPIs and a chart showing how to choose them Content Strategy Blog Posts

Cate McGehee //  25 Jul, 2017

Your Guide to Choosing Content KPIs

If your content team ever tells you that the impact of their work isn’t measurable, fire them. (And if you’ve ever told anyone that, read this blog before your client or boss does.) Content KPIs and creating a system of both accountability and continuous improvement are a core part of content strategy. Sure, content marketing… Read More

Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  21 Mar, 2008

Bad Monkeys (Part 1): Getting the Most Out of Your Agency

Everyone who has worked in internet marketing for more than 5 minutes has encountered the following situation: Someone, somewhere says something like, “I notice that the first chart on page 7 shows our bounce rate on the Press page jumped by 10% in February.” It sounds like a reasonable enough question. Why is your bounce… Read More