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Portent Team //  28 Aug, 2014

Guide to Personalized Search Results

If you grew up watching Sesame Street like me, you might have heard this song: One of these things is not like the others,One of these things just doesn’t belong,Can you tell which thing is not like the othersBy the time I finish my song? The search results that you see within your browser are… Read More

SEO Blog Posts

Portent Staff //  11 Feb, 2010

Personalized Search Strategies & Video Games

On Sunday, Rand Fishkin posted a great heads-up piece about how personalized search, branding, and leveraging your current rankings can make for an interesting marketing strategy. His mention of the 2007 Pontiac commercial brought up a particularly interesting idea. In the commercial, the viewer is instructed to “Google” Pontiac as opposed to going to a… Read More