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SEO for Small Business SEO Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  12 Apr, 2018

SEO for Small Business – The Topics, Tactics & Tools

So you’ve decided to play the long-game that is SEO. Fantastic! Depending on your familiarity with search engines, perhaps you’ve told your team or your boss “we’ll work to show up in the number one spot for the one thing that everyone searches in our industry.” [Long, long pause.] It’s a tantalizing thought. But let’s… Read More

Setting up your small business internet marketing presence - Portent Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Amanda Putney //  13 Dec, 2017

10 Things to Check When Setting up an Internet Presence for a Small Business

Preface: This blog post is one in a series of articles that Portentites produced in a pair-writing experiment. It’s a little more broad than usual because it represents two subject matter experts from different practice areas, coming together to combine their knowledge for a broader look at the internet marketing topics that face real businesses.… Read More

Driving More Revenue With Smart Amazon Marketing - Portent SEO Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  2 Nov, 2017

Where To Start With Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing: Why It’s Important There are hundreds of millions of active accounts on Amazon. Moreover, nearly half of internet shoppers go directly to Amazon instead of starting with a search engine like Google when they are looking to make a purchase. Those are staggering numbers. But chances are you don’t need convincing that Amazon… Read More

hubspot-email-example Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  14 Oct, 2016

Are You Utilizing Your Email List?

Email lists are very powerful and have many different applications. They’re a great way to re-engage past customers, share your great content/knowledge, and keep your business at the front of people’s minds. If you aren’t using yours (or if you don’t keep one), no judgment. Okay, maybe a little judgment, but here are some things… Read More

new features hero PPC Blog Posts

Paul Mosiychuk //  7 Oct, 2016

5 New AdWords Features You Should Be Using

Google has been rolling out a lot of new features lately. Here is a quick recap of a few of the more significant changes that you should be keeping an eye on. Expanded text ads Google recently launched a new search text ad format that allows advertisers more text per ad as well as a… Read More

lookout-hero PPC Blog Posts

Chad Kearns //  30 Sep, 2016

13 Places to Look on Your Next Google AdWords Account Audit

Auditing your Google AdWords account on a quarterly or semi-annual basis is a great way to step back from the day-in, day-out management grind to find gaps in performance or areas for expansion to help boost overall performance. While some marketing managers and business owners know the importance of stepping back to review an AdWords… Read More

seattle-skyline PPC Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  23 Sep, 2016

Introduction to Amazon Ads Strategy

Amazon is a no-brainer for most E-commerce sellers. Potential customers look to Amazon more often than ever and listing your products there is a quick way to boost sales. Getting visibility for your products isn’t always easy, though. Amazon is a search engine just like Google and just like Google it helps to pay-to-play. Amazon Seller… Read More

most common ppc mistakes for beginners portent PPC Blog Posts

Paul Mosiychuk //  16 Sep, 2016

Top 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes Beginners Make

I work with a lot of small businesses either just getting started in PPC or who simply just don’t have a lot of experience managing PPC accounts. With that said, I see a lot of the same mistakes being made over and over again. Here are the top five mistakes you should be careful of.… Read More

Jump-Start-Your-Digital-Marketing-Hero-16-9 Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Chad Kearns //  26 Aug, 2016

Short Term Growth: Jump Start Your Digital Marketing Today

From businesses ready to go to market with a new product or service, to companies with a longstanding history but little digital presence, business owners, investors, CEOs, and marketing managers are always looking for quick wins when it comes to getting started with their digital marketing initiatives. Quick-result potential initiatives provide marketers the ability to… Read More

13-priorities-laptop-hero Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  19 Aug, 2016

13 Digital Priorities for Small Businesses

It’s more important than ever for all small businesses to have a strong presence online. Regardless of industry, customers are online all day long, whether it be on their desktop at work, phone on a bus, or tablet at home on the couch. Representing your business well digitally is easier said than done. Getting found… Read More

How to Increase Productivity With Google AdWords Editor PPC Blog Posts

Paul Mosiychuk //  12 Aug, 2016

How to Increase Productivity with Google AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a fantastic tool created by Google that allows you to quickly create and edit campaigns, ad groups and keywords on a mass scale. Personally, for the accounts I work on I’ve found it to be at least a 50% time savings for things like building new accounts compared to using the standard… Read More

Google-Shopping-Hero-16-9 PPC Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  22 Jul, 2016

Product Feed Optimization for Google Shopping

Most commonly, advertisers starting off with a paid search platform such as AdWords reach their respective audience through keyword targeting. However, with Google Shopping (or product listing ads), e-commerce businesses utilize a product feed as the main targeting tool. The feed contains information about your products such as price, availability, brand, etc. The better the… Read More

Why-Can’t-I-See-My-PPC-Ads-16-9 PPC Blog Posts

Chad Kearns //  15 Jul, 2016

Why Can’t I See My PPC Ads?

One of the most common questions our clients ask us when starting a new PPC campaign is “Where are my ads? I searched for my keywords and didn’t see my ad.” This is a reasonable question. They are paying for clicks. So how come they can’t trigger ads themselves? It’s important to understand the internal… Read More

Design-Banners Paint Brushes Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Timothy Johnson //  8 Jul, 2016

Google AdWords Display Banner Specifications and Best Practices

Thinking about experimenting with the Google Display Network (GDN)? This could mean a variety of different things, but most commonly, this means showing banner ads on site that are a part of the GDN. The GDN isn’t exclusively for banner ads. Ad formats vary from text ads to video ads, animated banners, and ads on… Read More

What Are Call Extensions and Why Do you Need Them PPC Blog Posts

Erica Opsvig //  1 Jul, 2016

AdWords Call Extensions and When to Use Them

Google AdWords call extensions are ad extensions that let you display your business phone number directly in the search results. On smartphones, a clickable ‘Call’ button is displayed with the ad, making it particularly engaging for people on the go. Call extensions should be utilized for any businesses that place value on receiving phone calls.… Read More

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