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SERP Tool SEO Blog Posts

Portent Staff //  17 Sep, 2014

Announcing Our SERP Preview Tool

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working on your website, updating title tags and meta descriptions, when all of a sudden you’re panicked at the thought of a truncated title tag! Sure, you kept it under 55 characters, but you know that doesn’t always work, because Google truncates to a pixel width, not a… Read More

Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  14 Jan, 2008

Double E-mail Open Rates With This Simple Test

Test your subject lines, and you can easily double your open rate (the number of people who read your message). If you use an e-mail marketing service, such as Whatcounts or Emma, they deliver 3 critical statistics: E-mails sent. E-mails opened. Links clicked. If you’re not using one of these services, you need to. Prices… Read More