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SERP Tool SEO Blog Posts

Portent Staff //  17 Sep, 2014

Announcing Our SERP Preview Tool

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working on your website, updating title tags and meta descriptions, when all of a sudden you’re panicked at the thought of a truncated title tag! Sure, you kept it under 55 characters, but you know that doesn’t always work, because Google truncates to a pixel width, not a… Read More

Graph of Using the Google Doc SEO Blog Posts

George Freitag //  26 Mar, 2013

How to Generate Video Sitemaps using Google Docs

Let me just start out with the ending. The Google Doc below takes a list of pages containing embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos and uses magic to grab all the data you need for a video XML sitemap. Then it makes the sitemap for you. You can have it by going to the link below… Read More

Ptolemy's map of the world SEO Blog Posts

Portent Team //  12 Mar, 2013

Tool Review: Broken Link Finder

I’m a huge fan of Garrent French’s link building tool, the Link Prospector, so I was jazzed when he released the Broken Link Finder. I wanted to give an overview of why broken link building is important and how this tool can save you a ton of time and effort. What is broken link building?… Read More

SEO Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  29 Feb, 2012

Recording and slides from today’s webinar

If you missed today’s webinar, “SEO: 50 tips in 50 minutes,” you can get the slides here: SEO: 50 tips in 50 minutes View more presentations from Ian Lurie

slow slug Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  23 Dec, 2011

SEO, optimize thyself: Get more results for your effort

Yesterday I wrote about how effort does not equal results. Results are always better. Great results come from testing and tweaking your own routine. You can set up a virtuous cycle: You get more efficient, and have more time to learn more about your job, which helps you be more efficient, and so on. I’ve… Read More

Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  27 Jul, 2011

New content strategies tool: The Gramanator

Announcing a new tool: The Gramanator During my MozCon content creation session today, I announced a new tool: The Gramanator. It is mighty. It is the Gramanator: Bow down before it. What it does The Gramanator will take any public Google Reader Shared Feed and: Clean it up, removing stop words. Assemble all of the… Read More

Make ad decisions faster! PPC Blog Posts

Michael Wiegand //  13 Jul, 2011

Ad Comparison Tool

A few weeks back, I wrote a guest post on PPC Hero about the Profit per Impression (PPI) metric. In the post, I talk about calculating PPI manually using an Excel Spreadsheet. To that end, I created a free spreadsheet to do just that: the Ad Comparison Tool! How does the Ad Comparison Tool work?… Read More

Analytics Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  8 Apr, 2011

Google Apps Script Tip #1: Finding the last row

I’ve been building some custom reports for Portent in Google Spreadsheets. They do fun stuff like grab Google Analytics data, insert data from other APIs and such. One thing that nearly drove me batty, though, was figuring out how to automatically add a new row below the last row with data. Turns out, Google App… Read More

Quora Referrals Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  11 Jan, 2011

Can Quora drive traffic?

I’m addicted to Quora. There, I’ve said it. I know some folks have doubts. I love StackOverflow too. But something about Quora has me on there, all the time, answering questions. I do have an ulterior motive: If I can get on there and help lots of people out, I can build an audience. If… Read More

Random Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  17 Nov, 2010

Python code to grab KeywordDiscovery API data

If you use the KeywordDiscovery API, and Python, my pain is your gain. It took me a few hours to get this to work. You can grab it and go. Here’s the function, written in my usual Python Pigdin. I don’t recommend using it without a passing knowledge of Python, but that’s up to you:… Read More

Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  20 Sep, 2010

My first foray into sponsored tweets. FAIL.

Note that I am using ad.ly as part of this test. I am not saying ad.ly is bad. They have a great site, a nice toolset and make no promises. I am suggesting (spoiler alert) that sponsored tweets rank in profitability somewhere below hiring alchemists to try to turn lead into gold. Sometimes, I just… Read More

Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  20 May, 2010

Using fuzzy logic to redirect broken links: Geekery

One of the easiest ways to improve your link popularity is to fix old, busted links from other sites. For example: Say I have an online store. One product page is www.mysite.com/bike-tire/tubeless. A nice webmaster decides to link to that page, but uses www.mysite.com/bike/tubless. Because that link is incorrect, anyone going to the ‘tubless’ page… Read More

PPC Blog Posts

Elizabeth Marsten //  6 May, 2010

22 Free Keyword Tools for PPC and SEO

It happens to the best of us, one day you’re plugging along and you realize, you need to expand your keyword list, you need more niches, you need to spend more or you need to make more. So what do you do? Try any one of these free keyword tools or create your own methods… Read More

Featured Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  12 Nov, 2009

Using eBay as a keyword research tool

Quick post tonight: I’ve been using eBay’s keyword research tool for a while now. It may just beat the more established toolsets when it comes to commercial keyword research. Here’s how you use it: First, go to http://labs.ebay.com/raghavgupta/demoto/to?. Type in your query: When you click ‘submit’ you’ll get a report like this: The ‘Popularity’ column… Read More

Random Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  27 Oct, 2009

RFPs Suck – Don’t take my word for it…

Update: RFPs Suck now out in paperback 11.30.09: RFPs Suck is now out in paperback, folks. Recent events have only proven to me that Tom’s formula really works. If nothing else, you can read his book to screen for RFPs you should – or shouldn’t – respond to. RFPs are like a colonoscopy: Someone you… Read More

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