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Ian Lurie //  14 Sep, 2009

5 Image Editing and Screen Capture Tools For Bloggers

If you’re serious about blogging, then at some point you’ll have to grab an image of your screen. And, in true Give-a-Pig-a-Pancake fashion, once you do that you’ll want to edit it. Then you’ll realize that video would be really cool. And so on. Screen capture: Snapz Pro X I’m probably old-fashioned here, but Snapz… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  1 Jun, 2009

New Tool: Twitter Trends Analysis

I’m a hypocrite. Yes, a year ago I heaped scorn on the idea of me writing about Twitter. Now, I’ve not only written about it, but I just spent 3 days building a tool that analyzes trending topics. Check it out at HighTweets.com. How HighTweets works Every 5 minutes, HighTweets grabs the latest trending topics… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  7 Jan, 2009

9 Tools I’m Using Every Day

Hard to believe, but I’m not much of a tools guy. I tend to use a text editor, an image editor, an outlining tool and a Moleskine. So, when I use a new tool more than four times, it’s worth writing about. To all the folks who send me tools for reviews and stuff, please,… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  3 Dec, 2008

The Developer’s Guide to Internet Marketing

I’m a developer. There, I’ve said it. I’m out of the closet. It’s a little known fact, but I’ve been coding web applications since 1995. I used the very first version of ColdFusion (on 1,000 floppy disks), learned PHP while building Prius Mileage and have even (gasp) muddled through Ruby. While object-oriented programming still makes… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  6 Nov, 2008

Marketing Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome: Dino Rossi Swallows Entire Leg

I’m sure Dino Rossi is sitting somewhere right now, wondering why he lost this election. After all, he was up against some dang tax-and-spend liberal. It might have something to do with his marketing strategy. He used these signs quite a bit during the campaign: Photo from Hal Mueller It’s a clever message: Teach all… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  14 Jul, 2008

B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook: Book Review

Warning: Affiliate plug ahead. I wasn’t paid to do this post, but MarketingSherpa will give me lovely dollars and cents if you buy a book by clicking on the links in this review. However, I do really like the book. And if you’ve read my blog before you know I don’t hesitate to point out… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  25 Jun, 2008

How To: Find Great Keywords and Track ‘Em – Wordze and Trackur

I’ve been playing around with two new internet marketing tools of late. They’re impressive enough that they deserve some special mention. I’ve gone as far as signing myself up as an affiliate, too (full disclosure) which is something I rarely, rarely do. Wordze is another keyword-mining system similar to WordTracker and Keyword Discovery, with some… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  5 May, 2008

Solve Internet Marketing Overload with Google Reader and a Process

In any one day, I keep track of: 400+ web sites and blogs and news regarding 10-20 clients. In about 1 hour. I do not have a photocopier for a brain. Nor do I read particularly fast. Instead, I have a system. Here’s how you can use it: Step 1: Set Up Google Reader Time… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  6 Apr, 2008

Avoid Featuritis: Selecting the Right E-Commerce Package

This is another excerpt from the training course I’m putting together. As such, I wrote it while trying to figure out what I’m going to call the course and apologize for any frustration that seeps through. E-commerce software should be an asset to your internet marketing strategy, not an anchor. It often becomes the latter,… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  29 Feb, 2008

SEOMoz Pro: Join Before Your Competitors Do

I’ve been an SEOMoz Premium member for a while now. The content and tools are worth it: Great tips on search engine optimization basics, including “Viral Marketing and Linkbait on the Web”. Higher-level stuff like tips on pagerank sculpting. Nifty tools for measuring keyword difficulty, basic site diagnostics (not PythiaSEO, but far easier to use)… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  14 Feb, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Valentine’s Day is the greatest marketing scheme ever created. As a marketer, I can respect that. So I used a Valentine’s Mad Libs creator my company developed to write one to my first professional love, internet marketing: Dear Internet Marketing, My love is like a hot red Google Logo. Your tibia is timelessly beautiful and… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  18 Jan, 2008

Personas Video: SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

Rand Fishkin over at SEOMoz very kindly invited me to this week’s Whiteboard Friday to discuss personas in internet marketing. If you’ve never seen a Whiteboard Friday, they’re brief videos, hosted by Rand, that discuss various internet marketing topics. You can see the video here. Does the camera make me look fat? Or just show… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  3 Jan, 2008

Internet Marketing Calculator: OS X Dashboard Widget

I have an amazing team working for me at Portent. They just finished a super cool Mac OS X Dashboard Widget that includes three internet marketing calculators: An ROI calculator: A cost per click calculator: And, my favorite, a click value calculator: It’s based on the click worth calculator I created way back.

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Ian Lurie //  7 Dec, 2007

Friday Book Review: MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook

I’m an old fart when it comes to landing pages. I started working with them way back in 2000 or so (gasp). So I can be a bit hard to impress.
MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook managed, though. It’s absolutely crammed with useful tips, factoids, research and best practices.

The User is Always Right Random Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  19 Nov, 2007

Book Review: The User is Always Right

A review of ‘The User Is Always Right’ by Steve Mulder and Ziv Yaar.