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Ian Lurie //  16 Nov, 2007

Stalking the Blogosphere: Know What Bloggers Are Saying About Your Brand

There are a lot of bloggers out there. Chances are one of them is saying something about your brand. They’re starting a conversation, whether you know it or not. The question is, are you listening? If you are, you can observe and adjust.

It’s easier than you might think. Here’s how I do some very basic reputation tracking using Google Blogsearch and an RSS feed reader:

Random Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  20 Oct, 2007

User Generated Content: Tools and Techniques

As part of the Stump Ian series, Tom asks: “What are the most promising new technologies for user-generated content and conversation on niche e-commerce sites? I’m considering, blogs, reviews, gift registries, wish lists as old hat.” Technology: Mobile is Growing (slowly) Tom, the technology I’m most excited about is mobile. At Portent we’ve experimented a… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  2 Oct, 2007

Search Marketing and Personas: Opening Your Customer’s Heads

Note: This is the fourth article in a series on personas. The first, how to create personas, is here. The second applies them to your internet marketing strategy. The third shows how personas can improve e-mail campaigns. Get Inside Your Searchers’ Heads: Why You Should Read This OK, all you Heroes fans: I’m not talking… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  27 Sep, 2007

The IanCon!!!!

At long last, I can join the world of the internet-worthy. I have my very own avatar, created by Chris Furniss, who happens to work for me. So it’s not like he had any choice. But he still did a nice sketch that removes the bags under the eyes, vague 40-ish paunch and the 5-o’clock… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  26 Sep, 2007

The 4 Rules of Personas: Creating Great Personas, Part 2

If you haven’t yet read my 9/24 article on personas, you should read that, first. It provides a very detailed look at personas and how to create them. Today’s article explains what you do with the personas after you’ve written them. The 4 Rules of Personas Personas can drive a great internet marketing strategy, if… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  24 Sep, 2007

Get In Your Customers’ Heads: Creating Great Personas

How is it that some web sites just click, the moment you look at them? What makes some people just love Grolsh beer, while others swear by Guinness? Why do you like BMWs, while I like Teslas? Why do I like one candidate, while you like another? This isn’t luck. Someone designed these brands or… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  12 Sep, 2007

Streaming Video: Creating a Professional uStream Show

A few weeks ago I streamed Conversations With the Candidates. Two years ago a project like that would’ve cost my client a small fortune to encode, stream and then deliver the video to a large audience. This time? The price of my plane ticket, plus my time in Orlando. The difference is a service called… Read More

Analytics Blog Posts

Ian Lurie //  12 Sep, 2007

Pythia Analytics Hits 2000th site

Just a brief brag: The analytics tool I’ve been building a bit at a time, Pythia Analytics, is now tracking just over 2000 sites. Woo hoo! Coming soon: User accounts Google data Google analytics tie-in

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Ian Lurie //  6 Sep, 2007

3 Free Internet Marketing Tools I Love

Three tools I can never seem to leave alone for a whole day: TouchGraph TouchGraph technology lets you see who’s in your semantic neighborhood. One quick search and I can see blogs that mention me or mention related topics: I use it to find and engage like minds in conversation, track down good linking potential,… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  28 Aug, 2007

uStreaming Conversations with Candidates: Part 5

I’m getting ready to crawl into bed for a few hours before I fly back to NYC. But some last thoughts about using uStream as a major event streaming platform: If you’re hooked into a video feed like I was, try to avoid lots of pans and zooms. Not only does this kind of action… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  28 Aug, 2007

uStreaming Conversation with Candidates: Part 4

Warm up the crowd. Piece of advice for uStreaming: If you are doing a one-time event, use a program like CamTwist, and put up a graphic at least 45 minutes before your show. That gives folks a chance to ask you questions in the chat room. It also gets you some presence on the site… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  27 Aug, 2007

uStreaming Conversations with Candidates: Part 3

Followup note (8.28.07): I traced the problem back to Safari. I recorded the second session using Firefox, and was able to record and save the video just fine. So, use Firefox when you’re using uStream on OS X. A shorter note: When saving a recording, make sure – 100% sure – that the recorder window… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  27 Aug, 2007

uStreaming Conversation with the Candidates: Part 2

I just finished streaming Erin Moriarty’s interview with Hillary Clinton. You can see it here. Some valuable lessons learned: Ideally, you need an internet connection with an upload speed of 1 megabit. We increased our speed to 1 megabit and the results were far better. If the video you’re watching is skipping, it might be… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  27 Aug, 2007

uStreaming Conversation With the Candidates: Part 1

I will be making little entries as the next two days unfold. One of our clients is conducting live conversations with presidential candidates. We’re streaming it live, here. We’re using ustream.tv to do it, and that poses some special advantages: We don’t have to worry about streaming infrastructure. We can use a great program, CamTwist,… Read More

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Ian Lurie //  18 Mar, 2007

Cool Photo Album Publishing Tools

It’s Sunday, and I’m noodling around with ways to post photos to my various family sites. I use Flickr, of course, and I used to post photos using a script in Photoshop, but recently I found two other tools everyone may want to try: JAlbum is a great way to create, organize and skin albums… Read More