The Idea Graph

Here it is, folks: The data I promised from Mozcon.

Right now, includes three files:

Nodesfile.txt is a list of every topic currently in the graph. It’s a pretty random collection of 16,000 or so pages, links and other content that’s been shared and liked on Facebook.

Nodesrel.txt is a list of all nodes, how they connect to each other, and how often they connect. This is the source/target/weight list you’d use in a tool like Gephi to generate a cool looking force-directed map.

Final-graph.xls is a sample of what you can do with this data. It’s a list of 170,000 relationships between topics, with the Euclidean Distance calculated. The smaller the distance, the closer the relationship as indicated by the number of people who like both. In English: The smaller the distance, the more likely it is that someone who likes one also likes the other.

You can download it all here:

[ – 2.7 mb ]

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, opt in for the Portent Idea Graph app. It’ll help us collect more data.