Search Engine Optimization Tools

Pythia: Portent’s Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

PythiaSEO is Portent’s internally developed SEO Toolset. It is constantly evolving and improving to better emulate search engines and provide our SEO team with valuable tools and reports.

PythiaSEO checks your site for:

• Duplicate content that might cause search engines to apply ranking penalties

• Code issues that hurt your ability to achieve a high search ranking

• Issues that might block a search spider from indexing your entire site

• Keyword density in title tags, body content, headings, and links

• Linking issues that prevent a high ranking

Why is this so important?

The majority of Internet marketing firms don’t have their own toolset or crawler. They use third-party software like Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth in order to crawl sites. They subsequently use other third-party tools like MajesticSEO or Moz to find other optimization opportunities for their sites.

These tools are great and we use them too, but they’re not nearly as robust as PythiaSEO.

Portent’s SEO Advantage

Because of PythiaSEO, Portent has a distinct advantage over our peers, both in providing SEO recommendations as well as maintaining healthy sites. The thorough reporting, site analysis tools, and crawl technology help us identify optimization opportunities as well as an overall strategy for our clients’ campaigns.

css report

PythiaSEO detecting unnecessary code.

meta tag report

PythiaSEO Displaying all Meta Tags on a site for easy editing.

PythiaSEO in Action

PythiaSEO helped us find and diagnose problems on Once fixed, rose to #3 on Google for ‘wedding dresses’. That made Brides the top-ranked publication for that phrase.

We also used the the tool to detect and remove duplicate content from sites such as and Both saw immediate SEO improvement. Read about Saltworks’ success here, and review our portfolio page for more information about Veoh.

Learn More

PythiaSEO is not available for public use. If you’d like to learn more about it, contact us.