How to Connect Your CRM & Web Analytics Platforms

Portent's Analytics Architect Michael Wiegand gives a detailed walkthrough of how to integrate your CRM and Web Analytics Platforms to create unmatched insight and actionable, closed-loop analytics.

“The Holy Grail: Connecting Your CRM Platform and Web Analytics for Unmatched Visibility”

For B2B marketers, tying a sales qualified lead back to content and traffic sources can be incredibly difficult. For retail marketers, tying lifetime value back to digital advertising cost can also be really tough.

Michael Wiegand, analytics team lead at Portent, will show you how to solve those critical challenges by connecting popular customer databases and marketing automation platforms (like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce and many others) together with Google Analytics in just a few steps.

All without writing a single line of code.

In this previously recorded webinar, marketers will learn how to:

    Identify a customer (across browsers and devices) with a User ID using Google Tag Manager
    Get rich customer data (like lead statuses and lifetime value) out of their CRM and into Google Spreadsheets
    Upload that enhanced customer data into Google Analytics to connect online and offline behavior

About the presenter:

Michael Wiegand is the analytics team lead at Portent, a full-service digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA. In his time at Portent, Michael has worked on both analytics and SEM from major brands to emerging startups including: Autoweek Magazine, Les Schwab Tire Centers, ExtraHop Networks, Reckitt Benckiser, Slalom Consulting, and Westmark Hotels.

Michael has given several webinars on attribution for Hanapin, Moz, and of course, Portent. Most recently, he was on a panel to talk about the future of data aggregation and marketing with the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

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Duration: 51 minutes 35 seconds