30 Things to Make Your Content Better

20 Jun, 2016

30 Little Things to Make Your Content Better

By Ian Lurie

Great content is about the big idea, sure. But it’s also about the little things. Portent’s CEO, Ian Lurie, will walk you through 30 can’t-skip best practices to improve your content, no matter the audience.

Ian Lurie - Copywriting Disasters - Portent

26 Jun, 2014

20 Copywriting Disasters & How to Avoid Them

By Ian Lurie

Portent rants a lot about the importance of great copy. Our Founder & CEO Ian Lurie shares both tips and the strategy to get you writing like a pro.

27 Mar, 2014

Viral Marketing Fundamentals – The Principles of Virality

By Sara Lingafelter

The crucial difference between popularity and virality. Get professional guidance on how to activate your audience and spread the good word about your brand.

Ian Lurie - Copywriting Disasters - Portent

22 Jan, 2014

Attribution for Digital and Offline Marketing

By Ian Lurie

Back in the old days, marketers amazingly still measured attribution. They used techniques that still work, for some of your toughest measurement challenges.

Web Marketing All in One for Dummies

17 Sep, 2012

Web Marketing for Dummies

By The Portent Team

We make it easy to build an online presence for your business with web marketing. Available for purchase at

17 Sep, 2012

Conversation Marketing eBook

By Ian Lurie

Your customers provide you with data about their likes and dislikes every day. Let us show you how to channel that information into sales.