Badger-driven content: Mozcon 2017

Ian Lurie Jul 16 2017

The links, the deck, all that stuff:

I welcome questions. Best way to ask is on Twitter. I’m @portentint.

Or, fire away on Quora and ask me to answer.

Ebooks! That are free!

I wrote an ebook all about this! It’s called Lean Content. It lays out the template for badger-driven content. It’s free. Check it out here: Lean Content: The e-book.

Our newest, by Augustin Kendall: Plug-and-Play Content Strategy. Get the exercises and workbook for creating a content strategy that really, actually works. Check it out.

Editing Tools

You all probably know about Grammarly. If not, get it. It’s a great grammar and typo checker.

HemingwayApp is a great way to quickly check and simplify your writing. It’s far, far from perfect. Do NOT mechanically follow recommendations. But it will find sentences that are particularly difficult to read and flag them for you.


I like to use and Unsplash for cool images. I also use pay services like iStock. It’s your call, but services like this are a steal.

Caesium is a great Windows tool for image compression. On the Mac, stick to Preview, or head over to Photoshop.

Using Markdown

My guide installing Markdown tools. I use Sublime Text and Marked2, but any text editor works.

Here’s a great Markdown syntax guide.

You can learn Pandoc here. If you’re not a command line person, it can seem pretty intimidating at first. Once you learn it, though, it’s easy, and it kicks ass.


Wistia’s Soapbox is a fantastic screencast/headshot tool. Use it.

Random Stuff

Check out Answer The Public for idea mining.

Relevant Posts

How to do a content strategy describes how to do a basic content strategy and inventory for any size campaign.

Our Guide to Site Speed has a nice section on image compression.


Thanks Moz for inviting me to speak, and to all of you for stopping by!


  1. Great slideshow, lots to apply to my everyday strategies, but serious lack of mushroom.

    • Ian Lurie

      Ian Lurie

      Aaaand now that song’s stuck in my head again.

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