What’s a Digital Marketing Stack?

Instead of the same tired claims, we’re going to actually tell you our approach. Here. In pixels. Once you’ve read it, you can hire us. Or not hire us. Or steal the whole idea and run with it yourself. It’s up to you.

We consider the whole digital marketing stack in our approach to our craft.

Digital marketing seems like a pile of random stuff. It’s not.

The stack is made up of elements and channels. Elements are essential to maintaining a digital presence. Channels give marketers a medium for potential customers to receive and consume your marketing efforts.

These elements and channels come together to form the foundation of a digital marketing strategy. Each marketing channel relies on the success of the elements. Each element relies on the success of the marketing channels.

You can’t execute marketing without infrastructure, analytics, and content. They’re the elements. The paid, earned, and owned marketing channels represent how you get attention. Ensuring that your element and channel strategies are aligned is vital for success. We approach every engagement to keep your elements and channels top of mind throughout our work.

The Digital Marketing Stack

How Do The Elements and Channels Connect?

Infrastructure is the technology and people that power your digital presence. The code that drives your web site, the servers that deliver content, and the people that manage it are all infrastructure. If infrastructure fails, so does everything else.

Infrastructure - the foundation of the Digital Marketing Stack

Analytics measures results. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all marketing is measurable. But much of it is. Analytics lets you observe results and adjust your campaigns based on those results. Without analytics, you're deploying ideas based only on intuition.

Analytics measures the goals and progress of the Marketing Stack

Content drives all marketing. Content is more than blog posts. Any time you communicate with your audience, from product descriptions to social media posts, you’re creating content. Without content, you’ve got crickets.

Content is the medium of your marketing communications

Paid marketing is the attention you buy. It’s fast, agile, and easily measured. Pay-per-click marketing, programmatic and traditional display, and paid social fall into the paid marketing channel. If your infrastructure, analytics, and content aren't aligned with your paid media strategy and goals, it will be tough to hit your campaign objectives.

Paid - the channels that are pay-to-play

Earned marketing is the attention you can’t buy. It takes time, but it’s a scalable, sustainable flywheel for your brand. Organic search, social presence, and PR wins are all earned media. Tying your digital marketing elements together is vital for earned channel success.

Earned - The attention and exposure you receive from being useful and significant

Owned marketing is the stuff you can take with you. It’s an asset you control. The house email list, your website, and your social media profile are all owned media. Without great content, analytics, and infrastructure to support your brand, your owned marketing will falter.

Owned - the channels you completely control and determine the content of

Why Care?

Because we understand how it all fits together, and we account for that in our strategic and tactical work.

From title tags to site crawls, our SEO services start with the fundamentals. Infrastructure drives performance and all the technical details search engines need to see, so we conduct deep technical audits. Content is the stuff search engines consume, so we review content and provide guidance. Dozens of factors measure organic search health, so we combine rank tracking, share of voice, search console and other data into analytics dashboards. Keyword data is no longer available in analytics, but paid search provides valuable insight into keywords and descriptions. So we look at that, too.

We test copy, structure campaigns, use audience targeting, and manage budgets through paid search and paid social platforms. But infrastructure and analytics enable testing and measurement and can impact campaign quality. Quality content means text, display, and video ads that drive clicks and attention. Great landing pages become valuable owned media assets. We consider all of that.

Our analytics work drives our expertise. We conduct audits and ensure your tracking pixels work. We send you the reports. But there’s more to analytics than spreadsheets. You need insights about content performance, channel opportunities, and potential performance bottlenecks. We create dashboards and conduct analysis to help you adjust your approach.

Our design and development teams bring our recommendations and work to life- collaborating to not only build beautiful digital experiences, but to build experiences that actually convert your audience into customers. After launch, we’ll continue to optimize user experience through conversion rate optimization– testing and tweaking along the way to further drive results.

What It Means

You can hire us for all sorts of services. We’re full service, after all.

No matter what you hire us to do, though, we’ll always communicate opportunities with the risks and benefits of action and inaction across the entire digital marketing stack.

That’s our approach. It’s what we’ll bring throughout our engagement.

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Need Proof?

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve delivered business-changing growth for our clients since we started more than two decades ago. Awards are great, and we’ve got more than a few, but we measure success in the tangible results we drive for our clients day-in and day-out.

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