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Our Day-to-Day

An agency can’t do best in class work without a top-notch team, which is why we're relentless in hiring the brightest digital marketers from across the country. And, we're committed to creating space where we connect and collaborate while providing opportunities to continue to learn, grow, teach, and give back. We’re dedicated to making Portent a great place to work, to build careers, and to achieve success, together.

Below is a glimpse of what it's like to be part of the Portent team. Ready to join us? Check out our current job openings above.

Work/Life Balance

We love all things digital, but we also have passions, interests, and responsibilities outside of work (and we want to keep it that way). With our adoption of an increasingly remote workplace, we recognize the importance of creating a flexible environment that allows team members to balance their job with the other things that demand their attention on a daily basis. At Portent, we provide a culture and philosophy that reflects our desire to work to live, not the other way around.


Career Growth

When it comes to career development, we recognize that one size does not fit all. We provide individual-focused career tracks, regular performance reviews, and professional coaching in an environment that encourages every team member to broaden their knowledge and advance their skills. And since knowledge-sharing is one of our core values, we provide resources and support to help our subject matter experts land speaking gigs at conferences and educational events when they’re ready to pay it forward. The career growth stories at Portent are endless; just ask one of our many long-time team members that started with ‘Intern’ in their first job title.


Training Opportunities

We are dedicated to fostering improvement and continued learning for everyone, which is why we offer our employees a variety of opportunities to develop their skills. We maintain a monthly training calendar chock-full of professional development, presentations on industry best practices, and cross-team training sessions that are available to everyone. We foot the bill for learning subscriptions and frequently send team members to industry conferences, so they can increase the shared knowledge and expertise of the agency as a whole.


Team Building

We understand the importance of fostering an environment where employees can feel connected; whether in an office or through building relationships virtually. With remote work becoming our new normal, we continually find ways to keep the close-knit culture of our agency alive through virtual team-building events like office bingo or a summer activity challenge, Zoom cocktail hours, knitting groups and book clubs, and gift cards for each employee to enjoy a monthly all-agency lunch, even if we’re eating together from the comfort of our own homes. And when the time comes that we can all gather in-person again, we look forward to our holiday parties, escape room challenges, and trips to the state fair, too.


Non-Profit Work

We’re active in our communities, both as individuals and as a team. We strive to support local businesses whenever possible. We provide time and space for our employees to contribute to the causes and organizations that are important to them. We’re also proud to work on various pro bono projects with local non-profit clients throughout the year to share our digital marketing expertise with those who may not have it accessible to them.


Team Appreciation

From our monthly Client Impact Award to the coveted Big Fish, we love celebrating employees that go above and beyond. And when it comes to birthdays, work anniversaries, and other important milestones, there’s never a lack of GIFs being shared to commemorate the occasion.


Inclusion and Diversity

We pride ourselves on creating a workspace that is inclusive of all and celebrates diversity throughout the agency. From our dedicated Slack channels for sharing events, articles, and all things I&D related to our Women of Portent group meetings, we proactively work to create a safe and supportive community where team members can educate and empower one another.


Transparency and Access to Leadership

Transparency and honesty are the building blocks of trust. And trust is the backbone of a successful team. At Portent, we are proud of the environment of transparency and accountability that we have established throughout our agency. We have bi-weekly meetings as an entire agency where we celebrate our wins, discuss setbacks, and share strategy to move us forward together. We hold regular town hall conversations where employees can submit questions and voice concerns, and our senior leadership team addresses every one of them.


Benefits Our Employees Love

At Portent, we care about the people we hire and are proud to provide the kind of benefits that reflect that.


We offer a number of medical, dental, and vision benefits to choose from, covering both you and your family. It's designed to make healthy living easier.


All new Portent employees start with 35 paid days off, between DTO, holidays, and paid office closures. That way, they show up for work refreshed and ready to rock and roll.


We love welcoming new members to the Portent family! We offer 12 weeks of fully-paid maternity/paternity leave, so parents can spend dedicated time with their future digital marketers in training.

401(K) MATCH

We realize you're not just working for today. That's why we match a portion of your 401(K) contributions, making sure your financial future is as bright as your present.

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