Why Portent SEO? Because Your Customer is Not An Algorithm

Need to optimize your digital presence for both search engines and the humans using them? Our SEO services are perfect for companies looking for user-centric marketing that does not come at the expense of technical expertise.

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SEO Audits - SEO - Portent Services

SEO Audits

From our SEO Triage to our full scale audits, these reports are a deep look into your site’s most critical SEO issues and biggest missed opportunities for organic growth. These engagements are ideal if you haven’t focused on SEO for some time or it hasn’t been on your radar until now.

SEO Consulting and Support - SEO - Portent Services

SEO Consulting Service

SEO is a long game. Ongoing engagements let us work with you to maximize your success. You’ll get the most out of this service by making us part of your team. We’ll coordinate with your other marketing providers to amplify your presence in search.

SEO Support for large web projects, SEO support for site migrations - Portent Services

Project-Based SEO

Are you migrating your site, rebranding, expanding internationally, or launching new functionality like ecommerce or UGC? All of these can impact search engine optimization. We can make sure your big changes preserve your authority or boost your visibility.

Dedication to educating our clients is fundamental to all our engagements. The more you understand, the better we will be able to work together and drive the results that matter. We plan for both immediate wins and analyze the long-term risks and rewards of our recommendations. This focus on future-proof marketing allows us to proudly say we have never had a client go under penalty while under our care, though we’ve helped many who came to us for SEO penalty recovery.

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Technical SEO Services

Matching technical execution to your goals is essential. Technical SEO involves more than just title tags; it’s optimizing your page speed for both users and search engines. It’s deliberately improving the code running your site, the backend processes, and the structure of the site itself. As the web has grown up, SEO has grown with it, and our agency has been there through it all. It shows not just in our technical chops, but in our ability to execute on the considerations that matter most to your business.

Mobile SEO Consulting Services - SEO - Portent Services

Mobile SEO Services

More than half of all searches are now made on a mobile device. Being mobile friendly isn’t optional anymore if you want to be competitive online.

Local SEO Consulting Service - SEO - Portent Services

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is essential for any business with a physical location that needs to be discoverable online. We have experience with both large franchises and small businesses that need each of their locations showing up in search.

International SEO Strategy and Consulting - SEO - Portent Services

International SEO Services

If you’re looking to expand your international presence, you need a strategy to make sure you’re executing the technical details well and addressing your new audiences in ways that make sense to them.

Labels come and go: ‘Mobile,’ ‘international,’ ‘content,’ ‘UX’ are all types of SEO that agencies list. But the underlying principles of SEO – technical, content, and outreach – don’t change regardless of the label. Our focus on best practices across the marketing stack ensures future-proof SEO. Get in touch! Whatever your questions, we’ll have honest answers for you about how we can help.

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SEO In Context

At the end of the day, the biggest consideration for SEO, like all of digital marketing, is your unique business needs and goals. From the start, the KPIs we measure our performance against are customized to what has the most impact for you. Our recommendations are tailored to your goals and your organization’s capabilities to execute.

Enterprise SEO Consulting, Enterprise SEO Services - Portent

Enterprise SEO Services

SEO at scale has its own rules. You need a company that can take a systems approach to your site and understand that every little change matters when multiplied millions of times.

Ecommerce SEO Consulting - SEO - Portent Services

Ecommerce SEO Services

On an ecommerce site, a single page’s organic traffic can be worth big money, and the sites are often very large. You need acute attention to detail and an eye on how users are searching for your products.

B2B SEO Consulting and Support - SEO - Portent Services

B2B SEO Services

B2B businesses have to prioritize inbound marketing and provide the burden of proof your customers need to make a decision. Developing trust and thought leadership while increasing exposure is essential.

Potential clients sometimes ask if we have experience in their industry. While we often do, this is almost always the wrong question. The right question is: Can you optimize the functionality of my website for the role it plays in my business? A site that needs to generate leads has a fundamentally different role than one with the goal of generating ad views. Our SEO strategists use the demands you place on your site to make decisions when optimizing for search. If your site isn’t working for you, we can help.

If this sounds like what you want from an SEO agency, give us a shout.

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