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8 Aug, 2018

Creating Kick-Ass Marketing Reports Through Progressive Detail

By Ian Lurie

Marketing reports damage my car. Sometimes, when I walk out of a meeting, usually a quarterly or monthly There-Is-A-Very-Important-Person-In-The-Room kind of meeting, I head to my car. I close the door. I crank up the radio. Then I punch the roof as hard as I can while screaming “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” Most of the time, that’s because… Read More

Desktop call-tracking through services like CallRail allow marketers to close the insight gap on campaigns - Image of a subway mind the gap sign Internet Marketing

13 Sep, 2018

Tools for the Discerning Marketer: CallRail & Desktop Call-Tracking

By Matthew Taufa'asau

Hello fine friend. I can tell from the cut of your jib that you are a digital marketer to be reckoned with. In fact, I’m sure you already know what I’m about to tell you but it bears repeating: Start tracking your phone calls. No, not in the creepy, NSA, guy-hiding-in-the-bushes way. In the “I… Read More

Content worfklow using github and markdown with a typewriter and laptop side by side Content Strategy

13 Sep, 2018

Content Workflow Using Github And Markdown

By Ian Lurie

We create digital content for the internet. But our content workflow still uses processes and tools that date back to the early days of desktop publishing. We need an update. Learn a fast, streamlined workflow that uses Github and Markdown to bring digital content creation into the 21st Century.

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Conversion Rate Optimization should be about helping customers make informed choices - Puppet on a string being manipulated User Experience

11 Sep, 2018

Empowerment Vs. Manipulation: A Rant

By Tim Mehta

There’s been a heated argument happening between UX and CRO. One side believes in equipping the user to make the best decisions for their specific needs. The other side, while generally well-intentioned, has a sub-group of professionals who believe in using tricks to get users to convert. Let’s break down both of these… Manipulation: Using… Read More

Facebook Info and Ads tab is a new competitive intelligence tool for marketers - A young detective following clues Social Media

7 Sep, 2018

How Marketers Should Use the New Facebook “Info and Ads” Feature

By Lauren Clawson

As part of Facebook’s ongoing push for greater transparency, they’ve added a new feature on all pages: the “Info and Ads” tab. This feature allows anyone on Facebook to view all the active ads promoted by a specific account. This is obviously valuable for consumers who care to be informed about who’s trying to sell… Read More

Comparing LinkedIn with Facebook for paid social media advertising Social Media

6 Sep, 2018

LinkedIn Advertising vs Facebook – Through the Eyes of a B2C Marketer

By Jessica Taylor

In a world where Facebook advertising reigns supreme, it can be hard to determine how other paid platforms fit into your social media strategy. Linkedin specifically can feel like a puzzle piece you can’t quite place–despite having cornered the professional networking market (and being an OG in the social network space), Linkedin may still fly… Read More

How to find things in Google Analytics - A businessman searches for his web analytics reports Analytics

4 Sep, 2018

How To Find Things In Google Analytics Without Losing Your Mind

By Michael Wiegand

If you’re not in GA all day every day, it can be difficult to know where to look for things. And it’s even more intimidating given that Google changes their navigation pretty regularly and renames their reports on occasion too. Here are a couple tried and true methods I’ve found to get what I need… Read More

How procedural knowledge affects user experience by causing cognitive friction - man frustrated lying on his computer User Experience

29 Aug, 2018

Procedural Knowledge and How it Affects User Experience

By Travis McKnight

Innovation is a dangerous word in marketing lingo. Someone recently told me, “Let’s create an innovative design that goes beyond what people expect and surprises them.” I hesitated and asked, “Why?” The answer this person gave is one that I’ve heard countless times while talking about user experience, web design, and user journeys. They wanted… Read More

Faceted Navigation and impacts to SEO crawlability - explanatory diagram SEO

26 Aug, 2018

Faceted Navigation and SEO: A Deeper Look

By Matthew Henry

tl;dr: Skip to each “Takeaways” section if you want a few ideas for handling faceted navigation and SEO. But do so at your own risk. The “why” is as important as the “what.” Helpfullee brought up an excellent point, asking whether we know that search engines actually generate and crawl these faceted pages. The answer… Read More

Is PPC or SEO a better investment for small businesses - blocks with SEO and PPC letters PPC

22 Aug, 2018

Small Business Marketing: Weighing SEO & PPC

By Timothy Johnson

It seems like such a simple question. “Should I do SEO or PPC?” We hear it all the time in Portent’s dedicated small business digital marketing team. “Where should I invest my time and treasure to generate the results and the revenue that will allow my new business to survive right now? And to thrive… Read More

Google Medic Update - Featuring a medical robot - Portent SEO

13 Aug, 2018

Medic: Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

By Alex DeLeon

On August 1, Search Engine Roundtable broke the news about a Google algorithm update nicknamed “Medic” that they found was already shaking up search results and core rankings almost overnight. It’s still a little too early to weigh in strongly on what changed with this update, but we wanted to share everything we’ve been keeping… Read More

Why Portent Donates Time for Non-profit Consulting Random

7 Aug, 2018

Why We Donate Digital Marketing Services to Small Non-profits

By Chad Kearns

Service is one of the foundational values that Portent uses to guide our work and our mission. Our “Why” if you’re a Simon Sinek fan. More specifically, at Portent service means creating trust and value for our clients, our industry, and our community. Every day, we work to provide best-in-class digital marketing services and consulting… Read More

Design & Development

3 Aug, 2018

Not a designer? Here Are A Few Essential Design Tools for Small Businesses

By Kyle Eliason

Recently, I wrote about why every marketer should care about design and that we should all know design principles. However, even if you agree, you may be worried that you lack the graphic design chops or the technical skill to use something like Adobe Photoshop. Don’t let that deter you. There are plenty of tools… Read More

Image of Gutenberg printing press - Integrating Gutenberg with Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress 5.0 Design & Development

26 Jul, 2018

Gutenberg for WordPress and Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields

By Spencer Green

Introduction to Gutenberg for WordPress Gutenberg is a new page builder being added as an integral part of the new WordPress version 5.0. In a nutshell, rather than using shortcodes and HTML to customize page and post content within the editor, Gutenberg provides an easy-to-use interface that helps newer or less technical users to create… Read More

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads - I've always wanted to be sponsored by Nike Amazon

19 Jul, 2018

How to Build Effective Amazon Sponsored Product Campaigns

By Timothy Johnson

If you’re thinking of selling on Amazon, or growing an existing Amazon sales channel, you know that sponsored products are the primary advertising placement for Amazon sellers within Seller Central. And within Amazon, paid placement can play a doubly important role in your overall success. First and most obviously, sponsored product sales increase your visibility… Read More

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