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8 Aug, 2018

Creating Kick-Ass Marketing Reports Through Progressive Detail

By Ian Lurie

Marketing reports damage my car. Sometimes, when I walk out of a meeting, usually a quarterly or monthly There-Is-A-Very-Important-Person-In-The-Room kind of meeting, I head to my car. I close the door. I crank up the radio. Then I punch the roof as hard as I can while screaming “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” Most of the time, that’s because… Read More

Design & Development

3 Aug, 2018

Not a designer? Here Are A Few Essential Design Tools for Small Businesses

By Kyle Eliason

Recently, I wrote about why every marketer should care about design and that we should all know design principles. However, even if you agree, you may be worried that you lack the graphic design chops or the technical skill to use something like Adobe Photoshop. Don’t let that deter you. There are plenty of tools… Read More

Image of Gutenberg printing press - Integrating Gutenberg with Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress 5.0 Design & Development

26 Jul, 2018

Gutenberg for WordPress and Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields

By Spencer Green

Introduction to Gutenberg for WordPress Gutenberg is a new page builder being added as an integral part of the new WordPress version 5.0. In a nutshell, rather than using shortcodes and HTML to customize page and post content within the editor, Gutenberg provides an easy-to-use interface that helps newer or less technical users to create… Read More

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Amazon Sponsored Product Ads - I've always wanted to be sponsored by Nike Amazon

19 Jul, 2018

How to Build Effective Amazon Sponsored Product Campaigns

By Timothy Johnson

If you’re thinking of selling on Amazon, or growing an existing Amazon sales channel, you know that sponsored products are the primary advertising placement for Amazon sellers within Seller Central. And within Amazon, paid placement can play a doubly important role in your overall success. First and most obviously, sponsored product sales increase your visibility… Read More

Darth Vader finds your lack of an email campaign disturbing Internet Marketing

3 Jul, 2018

I Find Your Lack of an Email Nurture Campaign … Disturbing

By Matthew Taufa'asau

If you’re a marketer reading this and you haven’t already created an email nurturing campaign that gets beyond simply sharing your latest content, ask yourself “why not?” And no, having a single transactional email triggered when someone submits a contact form still doesn’t count. Cleverly worded though it might be. According to the Annuitas Group,… Read More

What are drip campaigns - a guide to email nurture - lots of emails all at once on a computer screen Internet Marketing

28 Jun, 2018

What is Drip Marketing – Guide to Creating Email Nurture Campaigns

By Colin Parker

Email newsletters are a fantastic way to share highly relevant content with your audience. But they have a major problem. It’s one that affects a lot of marketers strapped for time, and that I’ll candidly admit I’ve struggled with myself. It starts harmlessly enough: telling yourself you have enough content coming out on a regular… Read More

What to do with your keyword research like a dog that finally got the giant stick SEO

18 Jun, 2018

Keyword Research: What Do I Do with It Now?!

By Zac Heinrichs

Picture this. You’ve just hired an SEO agency, and to kick things off they’ve just delivered a massive Excel file titled “Keyword Research”. They’re clearly excited about all of the insights that lay within, and how fundamental this is to their work with you. But you’re relatively new to SEO, and when you open the… Read More

SEO Guidance on Choosing a Domain Name - Name Badge SEO

11 Jun, 2018

How To Choose a Domain Name – An SEO’s Guide

By Julie Goodman

Deciding to purchase a new domain and choosing a domain name are often decisions that are made by a wide range of stakeholders within a business. Like a first-time home buyer, clients who are faced with the decision to purchase a new domain ask us a myriad of questions: Are domain names a ranking factor?… Read More

Common Google Analytics Mistakes You Need to Fix Analytics

7 Jun, 2018

10 Common Google Analytics Mistakes

By Ian Barrett and Colin Parker

Any marketer worth their salt knows how critical it is to measure the right performance metrics and to be able to trust that data implicitly. Nowhere is this more true than in digital marketing, where the expectation is for (nearly) flawless measurement across users, sites, campaigns, and devices. In doing dozens of web analytics audits… Read More

Meta descriptions are still important SEO

29 May, 2018

Meta Descriptions are Still Important!

By Zac Heinrichs

In December 2017, Google doubled the length of search snippets from ~160 to ~320 characters. This meant that we could now write more thorough copy in our Meta Descriptions and have that show up in search results. That lasted for 5 whole months before in May 2018, Google’s Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) confirmed, via Twitter: “Our… Read More

Adwords features and experiments you should try PPC

24 May, 2018

Grow Your PPC Revenue – AdWords Features and Experiments You Should Consider

By Will Fu

As a PPC Strategist working with a variety of clients and industries, I see often certain AdWords features work for some and not others. While there are some obvious wins or constant sources of high ROI, such as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) producing better revenue and user engagement than broad targeting Display ads,… Read More


23 May, 2018

Set Up A GDPR Cookie Consent Form Using Google Tag Manager

By Michael Wiegand and Ian Lurie

NOTE: This is not legal advice. We are not lawyers. It’s also not the only thing you’ll need to do to reach GDPR compliance for your business. Cookie consent is only one portion of GDPR compliance. Please consult legal counsel before implementing this solution. Another note: This solution works for cookies fired from inside the… Read More

Ninja marketing by using outreach for link-building Internet Marketing

15 May, 2018

Outreach 101: The Essence of Ninja Marketing

By Stella Murphy

The days when PR was a handshake and a well-placed logo on a celebrity are gone. Now that we are all slaves to the search engines that run our world (mostly kidding), our brands compete in a digital landscape that is constantly changing. Sometimes it feels like going into a sword fight blindfolded. How do… Read More

Internet Marketing

10 May, 2018

The GDPR: 29 Things ALL Marketers Must Know

By Ian Lurie

First: None of this is legal advice. I’m 24 years out of law school, and my eyes cross when I read any form of legislation. For the legalities, visit the GDPR site and/or hire a lawyer. I wrote this list while ranting about the various awful blog posts I’ve read by “experts,” and marketers’ tendency… Read More

Mobile PPC Strategy Guide - Portent PPC

8 May, 2018

Mobile PPC: An Absurdly Easy-to-follow Guide to Get it Right

By Ryan Moothart

Part 1 – Introduction to Mobile PPC & Why This Guide Matters Google searches on mobile devices outnumber those made on laptop or desktop computers and that gap continues to grow. This means that you’re likely losing money if you’re not advertising to mobile traffic in your PPC accounts. However, you need to do it… Read More

Getting past outdated last click attribution models via pole-vault Analytics

3 May, 2018

Why Attribution is The Most Important Marketing Argument

By Michael Wiegand

Imagine with me for a minute you’re being asked to give credit for a marketing result: A download of a killer asset, a lead form fill, a meaningful sales opportunity. What’s “fair”? First touch? Last touch? Well, I hope one of the two, because that’s what’s being sent to Salesforce by default from your web… Read More