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GA4 Audit

Are you ready for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? Google’s flagship web analytics platform recently got a major update that will be one of the only free ways businesses can gather information about their performance.

Many organizations still aren’t ready for the switch. They have ad campaigns and dashboards reliant on data from Universal Analytics (GA3). It’s not too late to adapt. Portent can help!

Get Peace of Mind in Your GA4 Setup

To ensure GA4 is measuring your site and its performance accurately, we start by crawling your domains with our proprietary crawler, Raingage. That helps us locate any gaps in your tracking.

Next, we look at your GA4 admin settings to ensure your data streams are configured properly, and to enable any integrations with other Google tools like Ads, BigQuery, Search Console, and more.

Lastly, we move through your site as if we are a user and document every meaningful interaction a customer could take. That helps us set up event tracking in GA4 unique to your business. When we’re done, you can be confident you’re making marketing decisions based on reliable data.

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Universal Analytics (GA3) Data Preservation

You might have heard that Universal Analytics will not collect any new data as of July 2023. But did you know Google is only holding on to your UA data until July 2024?

Until then, you can either export your data into a huge spreadsheet or use the Universal Analytics API to move your data into a permanent database where it can be integrated into your live GA4 data for seamless reporting.

Preserve Your Past, Forecast Your Future

Portent has a process to save up to 8 different data tables from Universal Analytics – including campaign, content, device, e-commerce, event, and source data – and save them in a permanent BigQuery database.

From there, you can be sure your traffic and conversion benchmarks are safe. After that, we can work together to integrate the old numbers into your live data and use it to perform accurate traffic and sales forecasts.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

Take ownership of the data you gather without having to rely heavily on front-end developers or IT teams. Google Tag Manager creates a streamlined process for adding tags to easily measure your goals, track performance, and decide on the next steps without bogging down the speed of your website.

Get Control of Your Data Collection with Tag Management

Our analytics team will implement Google Tag Manager to consolidate all analytics and retargeting scripts, create new tags, and track programmatic events. We’ll set up tag configuration to track what you want and when you want it based on your business goals, allowing you to measure your most important marketing initiatives.


Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) Dashboards

Visualize your data and marketing analytics with a custom-built Looker Studio dashboard (formerly Google Data Studios). Quickly assess and report on your business’s KPIs and campaign effectiveness, and centralize important metrics from multiple sources all in one easy-to-digest display.

Bring All Your Data into an Interactive Dashboard

Our team will put together a list of everything to include in your report, based on your organization’s business goals and KPIs. From there, we’ll build a custom dashboard that features the metrics you want to track. We’ll create a live connection from your analytics platform and data sources so you can reference performance results in real-time, and gain insights on what campaigns, content, and business processes may need to be optimized or further capitalized on.

CRM Integration

Ever wish you could get your GA4 data to talk to your Salesforce data seamlessly? You have all this rich web analytics data showing the campaigns and content that prospects interact with. And you have all this rich sales data showing the products and services that prospects end up buying. There’s a better way to marry these two data sets with Portent’s CRM Integration.

Get end-to-end tracking and visibility into your customer’s journey, from their first website visit to becoming a customer with CRM integration. Learn what sources drive traffic into your sales funnel, and identify trends that deliver your most qualified leads. We’ll help you maximize your closed-loop analytics efforts by gaining insights into the value of your marketing efforts.

Close the Loop between a Web Visitor and the Offline Sale

We’ll use Google Tag Manager to track when every visitor arrives at your website, and send that to your CRM platform with each form submission. The user ID then becomes a bridge to connect data from both systems. We’ll provide a detailed spec document that outlines all of the changes we made, and any additional optimizations your team may need to complete to facilitate the integration.


Analytics Training

Take ownership of your data with personalized analytics training, designed to help you make the most of the information that’s at your fingertips. Learn to use your GA4 dashboards to measure important metrics and gather advanced insights into your performance.

Empower Your Team With Customized Instruction

Based on your team’s knowledge and needs, we’ll conduct a customized analytics training that covers everything from the basics of utilizing your dashboards to the more complex ways you can drill down into your data. Our goal is to set you up with the skills you’ll own beyond our engagement, and give you as much power in governing your analytics and data as possible.

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