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Programmatic Campaign Management

  • 281% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversions
  • 520% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversion Revenue
  • 233% Increase in PoP Site Traffic
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Programmatic Campaign Management

Managing programmatic campaigns involves significant time and effort, from selecting and collaborating with a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to setting up campaigns, optimizing campaigns, and analyzing performance. Our close partnership with StackAdapt and usage of their top-rated DSP ensures your brand achieves optimal programmatic campaign results.

How We’ll Make Every Ad Dollar Count

We create and launch your campaigns and provide ongoing strategic recommendations to utilize every available channel, including native, display, video, Connected TV (CTV), and digital out-of-home advertising. With our extensive experience and expertise, you can ensure efficient use of your budget and avoid unnecessary expenditure on testing.


Programmatic Campaign Audit

Our comprehensive campaign audit delivers crucial insights into your current programmatic campaigns and strategies, including a review of performance, strategy, budget, spend, targeting, segmentation, ad creatives, messaging, DSPs, and more.  We can also assess proposals from other agencies or programmatic platforms, ensuring you secure the most effective strategy that aligns with both your business goals and budget.

How We’ll Maximize Your Campaign Efficiency & ROI

We’ll compare CPM, CPC, and CPA against industry benchmarks and historical data available. We thoroughly examine your existing or proposed targeting tactics and associated costs, guaranteeing the highest return on your investment. You’ll receive a detailed report outlining the advantages, drawbacks, and actionable recommendations for optimization.

Programmatic Reporting

Programmatic ad tracking and reporting are crucial for understanding your campaign’s effectiveness. This process provides a comprehensive overview of your advertising performance and highlights areas that need enhancement. Equipped with this detailed analysis, we can create data-driven strategies for future advertising success.

How We’ll Enhance Your Campaign with Data-Driven Insights

Our approach begins with setting clear goals before launching your campaign. We assist in selecting the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to accurately measure success and help in budget refinement. During the campaign, we conduct regular KPI assessments to monitor progress, make budget adjustments, and address any concerns promptly. After the campaign concludes, we compile a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes. This final analysis is instrumental in shaping strategies for your subsequent campaigns, ensuring continuous improvement and optimized performance.

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